Threat Level: Doctorow



i do not get this. its lame.


what the heck is this?


Horrible. That’s four in a row now.


Welcome to the 3X Woot War: Day 4

Interesting design- let’s look deeper. The artist seems to be implying that people concerned with terrorism are paranoid. Liberal blogosphere terrorist sympathizer? Smells like it. I’ll pass tonight, woot.


a l333t government seal… kinda cool no me though


Tempted… Cool, but nearly as cool as yesterday.


funny but no thanks =P


Yesterday’s was better, and I didn’t even like yesterday’s.


Thank you woot. I love shirts!


Yesterday was a step in the right direction
Today we regress WAY back


Hah, I like it, but I dunno… is this worth $10?


I like the idea, but I just don’t look good in red shirts. Maybe I’ll change my mind though, if I feel like putting one back into my rotation of shirts.


bought this
this is an interesting shirt
plus, i dont have a red shirt to my name, lol


dumb shirt, i liked sea chimp way better. I love the idea of shirt woot, but cmon its been way too nerdy so far. Just because we are nerds doesnt me we want to dress like them. Or at least not all the time. Cmon woot give us some better shit.


There getting better and better each day, last nights wasn’t bad, I actually got a laugh out of this one though.


if you put Zomg on your shirt you might as well put a GIANT GIANT label that says


3X vote here once again! Love the shirts so far… but can’t buy any yet… need my size.


Love the labels…I’ll use them for pants if i want. Thank you very much.


Hilarious but not for me. Great first week of shirt.wooting though. :slight_smile: