Tommy Armour Morph Irons 3-SW Set

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once we’ve moved onto the next Woot.

Tommy Armour Morph Irons 3-SW Set
$159.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Tommy Armour Golf Morph Irons 3-SW

Here is the link from last time this was offered. November 11th, it sold for $179.99 + $5 shipping.

Great clubs, maybe even $10-20 cheaper than last time.

I got these clubs last time and the only negative thing is that they were the first style released and not the ones that were sold in stores. A little different design in the way of logo branding, etc. But it seems they have the correct ones pictured this time.

I LOVE THESE CLUBS. I switched from Titleist DCI’s to these and these irons literally cut through the swing arc like a hot knife through butter. The swing is so smooth and the they really take a bite out of the ball.

I could not be happier with club or price.

edited post after I noticed the correct picture listed this time of the irons I got.

Definitely seeing $400-550 prices on Froogle, this is a hell of a deal

OMG- So much for the left-handers. I’m right-handed, but I bat and golf left-handed.

Whats up with these? should we just assume they are RIGHT HANDED clubs?

Nice Deal $400.00 clubs. Too bad I just bought a new set last year!!! :frowning:

looks like $400 - $500 on froogle, great woot, too bad i’m a lefty

Completely not for me, but here’s a PGA link about the clubs for those that are interested:

Here’s another link, with a review:

Be careful looks like these are not this years model so watch the pricing posts…

Look at

clubs look nothing like that anymore…


$200 seems to be the going rate a few places, like Ebay and Google. Shipped. So its a good deal if you are in the market. I am still recoverying from past sprees :confused:

You can’t possibly be SERIOUS.

This is a classic case of… KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!

We are geekz looking for good deals on electronics and gadgets.

If we were so inclined to play an upper enchanlant game such as GOLF, we would do it on our XBOX 360.

And I’m sure that someone who LIKES golf can afford a MUCH better set of clubs that some off brand TOMMY AMORE’ or whatever they are…

Wouldn’t matter anyway, because the dudes that can afford the green’s fees AREN’T going to be up at midnight looking for a WOOT deal…


Really nice price. I don’t know about the shafts though. If you swing hard, they may give too much. For someone who hacks, this is a good, cheap set.

Well, this was a let-down.

I was initially very confused by this Woot but just recently was informed that “golf” is a game people sometimes play “outside”. Now I don’t know what all this outside talk is all about and it doesn’t really matter, but I get the gist of the concept: It doesn’t work with my computer.

In my opinion if it doesn’t go inside the chasis of my PC or connect through USB it shouldn’t be sold on Woot!

Requirements of a proper woot:

  1. It’s electronic.
  2. It connects to your computer.
  3. It’s not a fondue pot.

I urge you to really take this to heart and try to be more discriminant in your wooting choices, Woot.

Thanks. See ya tommorow night, don’t fail me. has TommyArmour 845CS 3-Pitching Wedge with a free sand wedge for 129.99+19.99 2 day air delivery! Beats woot’s 149.99+5 shipping and getting it in 3 weeks.

These happen to be a respected brand used by professionals. “Duhhh.” KNOW YOUR TARGET THOUGHTS!


Froogle shows $300 to $500.

I swing both ways, so right or left is ok with me. Wife says we can’t afford it right now, but I might be able to free up some room on one of my cards by morning.

It’s not how much you spend on clubs, it’s how you use them. I tend to hit the 9-hole par 3 courses, easy to get through in an hour or 90 min, and without the drivers it’s an easy play.

IMHO, a good woot but I need to make it happen with the non-joint CC…if you know what I mean. Oh, and have it shipped to the office, and hide them for a long time.

A quick check on Ebay shows that they are rountinely selling slightly less for $196 shipped with a powerseller with 99.9% feedback and 38,000+ positive rating. She has a bunch of them, and if you check completed items sold, they are not selling out.

Ebay link

Those are not even close to the same clubs…