TomTom XXL 550 5-Inch GPS with IQ Routes & Premium Maps

Great buy, this was a great deal on eBay at $100 and i didn’t pull the trigger… Good thing, usually i don’t get lucky.

Really? Less than a week after the baby TomTom?

My last GPS had a voice that sounded like my sister. I hope this one has a voice more pleasant to listen to. Like Wanda Sykes perhaps.

If I switch it to a female voice is it called DebDeb?


A little more than half the amazon price, and 4 stars. I may just pick this up.

Aren’t these things almost totally obsolete by now?

Kinda spooky that I have the 550XXL, and was about to reference the problem I had with the Lifetime Map updates while discussing the previous item!

They give me US/Canada/Mexico maps for free, but if I want ONLY US map, I have to BUY it, delete the original maps and install the new map, and then Continue to Pay for my ‘lifetime’ updates!

W T F?!

But…it Is a nice unit. (yeah…joke comment forthcoming!)


there’s a bunch of free add-on voices that ar on thier website. I used Beavis for months… and Eric Cartman is free last time I checked.

So is this the 550 or the 550TM? I’ll assume the 550TM since it indicates that it includes the lifetime traffic and maps updates. But leaving off the letters could be a bit confusing.

Review from PC Mag…

edit: Another review & manual here.

I got one of these during the Black Friday sales last year for $130, and it was a great deal back then! Might be in for one as a gift, this GPS is intuitive and easy to use, only gave me bad directions once when a bridge was out for repair on a small road. Get this GPS and make all your friends jealous that you get free lifetime updates!

I might just have to pick one of these up.
Amazon averages 4 stars

I’m trying to decide if I should get this just for some new Daria.

Also, with the newest OS update, it tends to pick up the satellites faster than it used to :slight_smile:

Nice price. I love my Tom Tom, but I think it’s worth the extra money to get lifetime maps.

Not confusing at all:
T=lifetime traffic M=lifetime maps

In the description “Lifetime Traffic & Map Updates (US, Canada & Mexico only)” is probably wrong, the model number does not indicate the “TM”.

Woot, how about clarification?

I agree. Leaving the TM off is a little confusing. It does say lifetime Traffic and Maps in the ‘feature list’ but it could mean that it is eligible for the annual subscription of the TM feature at a cost… I wish that they would clarify this point.

Wow–this thing looks loaded. Is that a GPS in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Lifetime Traffic? The Car Charger Looks Like the Regular Car Charger and NOT The Lifetime Traffic Receiver…