Счастливый Пятидесятый День рождения!

2nd chance sales begin the day after originally offered, for an extra $5. Available shirts are from current and prior week, plus the 15 highest sellers of the remainders.
Also see Day of Reckoning FAQ, and Wikipedia w00t.shirts (updated on Sept 22)

Current Week
3864 = Счастливый Пятидесятый День рождения!
3863 = Uh-Oh
3860 = RTFO
3859 = Oh Well
3856 = Autumn Breeze (Derby 9 Third Place)
3853 = Summer To Fall (Derby 9 Runner-up)
Prior week:
3849 = Suicidal Maple Leaf (Derby 9 Winner)
3846 = Pencildelic
3843 = Perched Among Blossoms
3839 = More Skulls
3837 = Brain Freeze
3836 = Stop Digital Piracy (Derby 8 Third Place)
3835 = Bushido (Derby 8 Runner-up)
RSVP - Reckoning Survivors Very Purchaseable
01 Cool Breeze (Derby 7 Winner)
02 Zombie Season (Derby 6 Winner)
03 Pirate Penguin (Derby 8 Winner)
04 GI Metro
05 Nobody’s Perfect
06 Fire Swallower
07 Decomposition (Derby 7 Third Place)
08 BreakfasTopo (Derby 4 Winner)
09 Go Rock Beat Paper*(Derby 6 Third Place)*
10 The Rustic
11 Sore Thumbs
12 Hot Wings
13 Chimpanzee Robusto
14 Sea Chimp
15 Panda Polo (Derby 6 Runner-up)

SPECIAL EXEMPTION - available until further notice
shirt.w00t! Launch

RIP – Reckoned Into Perpetuity:
Bats! – Jellyfishalicious (Derby 5 Winner) – Mental Notes (Derby 7 Runner-up) – Loved By The Sea – Sewer Monster – Deer By Numbers – L’Homme à L’Intérieur du Chat --Snake Bouquet – Skatetown – Reality Isn’t For Everyone (Derby 3 Winner) – The Organic Light Beam (Derby 5 Runner-up) – Son of Kabuki – Sunset Tree (Derby 5 Third Place) – Day Off – Ka-Boom – Green Space – Stereo From Above – Unhappy Meeting (Derby 2 Co-winner) – Rat Rod – Duct Tape Man – See-Sawlitude --Threat Level: Doctorow – Snowmen In Heat (Derby 2 Co-winner) – Driving To Work – If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail – Pirate Trip – Hello Squidbucket! – Nerdy Laundry – American Samurai – Cube One (Derby 1 Winner) – Too Hungry – Scales & Bubbles – Sci-Fi Weenie Roast – Robot Service – The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer – Word Problem – This Here’s My Unicorn-Huntin’ Gun

Love the sputnik reference, but don’t want to be labeled a commie.

Has this been shirts with text week or something?

I could understand Spanish but… what the hell?

happy 50th birthday sputnik!

Google beat woot to it.

Haha, this is my new favorite shirt!

Happy 50th Birthday

what does it say in english?

First woot ever!:smiley:

and my favorite color is red! woo

Google translates it to:
Fiftieth Happy Birthday!

this is Cool.
*but there is a factual flaw - the 4 antennas were of two different lengths … *

This is pretty cool. At first I was turned off by the red color, but then I remembered the whole communism thing. I’m on the fence.

Is it russian language. Spunik!!! if it’s discovery I’ll buy it. Sorry Woot.

I’m a history major … I’m soooo tempted!!!

alright, so what the hell does the text on the shirt say?

if you buy this your telling the world you hate freedom! haha cool shirt but not for me, night woot!

Awesome shirt! I’d be in… but I have two red Woot shirts already! Though this one is really deserving of the color.

Screw it. I’m in anyway.

I think the simplicity of the design is what makes it work… as evidenced by how quickly it sold out.