Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6, Grey or Blue



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Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6, Grey or Blue
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At this price I can stop stealing them from the back of the rite aid


How many do you get?


Well hell, when I saw this price all I could think was “are they insane? Who would pay $100 for something you get for free behind rite aid”

And fiesta, since I’m guessing ypu aren’t asking how many totes you get in the 6 pack of totes, you can totally take as many as will fit in your truck from behind the store if you move quick enough


I’m confused.
The daily email says “Case of 6” but the item description says “Akro-Mils 39120 12 Gallon Industrial Grade Attached Lid Flip Top Tote, Grey or Blue” and the Specs say “(1) Akro-Mils 39120 12 Gallon Industrial Grade Attached Lid Flip Top Tote, Grey or Blue”
And then the photos show two different sizes of totes. Since it’s only 12 gallons should I assume it’s the smaller of the two?


Not a thief. I think I’ll just go to Lowe.s, though:

[MOD: Not heavy duty.]


Here’s my take and why I don’t think these are a good value.

  1. Lowes has them for a lot less and when you buy them at Lowes,

  2. you can return them to Lowes (unlike Woot!) when you find out like I did that you don’t like them because

  3. 12 gallons is a LOT smaller than you think, and yes, I can read your mind, because you are thinking about 12 1-gallon milk jugs and how that is a pretty good amount of space for a tote, which is what I did when I read the specs, but found out that I needed to think 6 1-gallon milk jugs, because the other 6 gallons gets poured over the top of those, filling in the gaps to create that “12-gallon capacity” spec, and then when you close the lid,

  4. you lose space that you THOUGHT you had because the lids actually recess a bit into the totes when you close them, which makes stacking them easier when full, but if you are used to lids that snap on, you’ll dislike these because

  5. the lids don’t provide a seal like removable-top storage totes do, meaning rain, dust, etc. gets into these and smells get out, so that

  6. rodents can smell what’s in them so if you use them for camping, they will get ripped apart by critters looking for the snacks you stored in them, and later when you stack the now-chewed-apart empties to take home with you, you’ll curse these again because

  7. they don’t stack well empty because the permanently-attached lids waste all kinds of space to the sides of them and make them not nest as well as the ones you returned to Lowes which were actually a bit better because those were see-through while with these,

  8. you are forced to un-stack and open the lids to see what you stored in these because they are not see-through like the ones you returned to Lowes, which is why

no, these are, all at the same time not a good price and not a good idea and not a good product.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.


I don’t think the clear base ones last as strong as ones that don’t have the clear bases.


***These are awesome, and this is a pretty good price. *** I buy these for work (food delivery) and this brand lasts forever. yes Lowes/HD has totes, but not ones that will last a full season, much less 4+ years. As long as these are the size you need - BUY THEM HERE. This is ALMOST what the cheap/flimsy ones sell for elsewhere, and these guys are tough

Here’s where i buy:

but they get you with shipping there.

These things stack great (when closed - yes lids are obnoxious when stacked open)

they’re strong - i had a bud’s wife sitting on them at a tailgate and wasn’t worried they’d break.


Where is WOOT staff to weigh in on this???

Is it a pack of 6 (as was advertised to me and everyone else via daily email)? Or was the product changed after the fact and we are now getting only one?

Please advise.


The picture is VERY MISLEADING. It shows taller and shorter storage bins. Woot description states 12-1/2" Tall. CHANGE the picture.


I was also confused by the picture at first but after squinting at it for a bit my guess is that this is to illustrate that these totes STACK on top of each other when the lids are closed (the bottom two grey totes) and NEST when the lids are open (top two totes in the stack, and why the top tote appears smaller). I suspect they are all one standard size.


Are you serious? You wasted all that space to both clearly demonstrate and negatively review something you have NO experience with? These are NOT the same totes you see at Lowe’s. These are the real deal - for movers, trade shows, etc… Like others have commented, they’re virtually indestructible and many of us paid a lot more for them in the past, not because we’re stupid, but because we needed one of the best totes money could buy.


These are the heavy duty totes but they are still cheaper at homedepot.


Not good reviews.


Not a similar item. Although that item claims to be heavy duty, the reviews suggest otherwise. Best review states it is “much better than cardboard boxes”


Wow, chill, bro. I am VERY experienced with this type of tote. I hate them - the DESIGN of them. The 12-gallon size is SMALL compared to other types of totes that might be used for storage. The lids don’t keep spilled liquids (or rain or dust) out of the tote. They stack poorly when empty. This is not a tremendously good price for this specific model (but not much on Woot! is these days…).

I never commented on the QUALITY of these that are being offered, so even though these are the “real deal”, so what? My comments except MAYBE the part about the price at Lowes all stand on their own. But you CAN return things to Lowes. Not to Woot!, and that was my point with that comparison.

If you have used this design before and the small capacity and the crappy way they stack when empty and the fact that they cannot be used outdoors when it rains don’t negatively impact your enjoyment/usability, then fine.

If someone is thinking about this as a good alternative to other types of totes, my comments might not have “wasted all that space”.


Jonas4321 is my hero for today. We looked at the big box version and was unimpressed. One of the dad’s who uses the high end ones for gun show trips let us borrow one. After dousing it with a hose to simulate rainy conditions, we found them unacceptable for our needs.

As for the quantity posting, the Staff needs to wake up and address this issue. Pack of 6 vs. (1) 12 gallon tote is a big difference. If it’s a pack of 6, which I doubt, then why post different sizes in the pictures? If it’s one, as I suspect, then post a picture of the correct size along with a model for scale. Jonas’s example of a gallon of milk would be great for comparison.

Then again, the same person who chose the pictures today may be the same one who selected the picture of the guy holding a rifle which clearly shows a red dot sight installed backward.

Love ya Woot!, and this shouldn’t be read as a flame but rather as a “you can do so much better, I’ve seen you do better” kind of post.