Tote with Hinged Lid, Case of 6 - Your Choice

As somebody who has to move in less than a month, these are really appealing. I may be back.

PS, I moved last spring and used some of these. I also use them for camping, my craft junk and to store out of season clothes.

The picture shows an assortment of sizes. Is this what buyers will receive?

Comments from a previous offer

Previous comment from mod states: That’s just to show how they can stack and nest. All ours are the 12 GAL.

I missed these the last time woot had them, and for those who didn’t see my comment then, I was curious how they compared to some totes I already have.

They are not quite the same, but are still far more sturdy than anything you will get at the local savings mart by far. After my first set, I ended up buying 36 more (yes, I need that many). And I would not have bought them if I did not think they would hold up to some harsh handling. These aren’t for closet storage for me. These are definitely made for use in retail distribution centers and such, so they can take one heck of a beating.

Woot is only selling the 12-gallon (39120). Akro-Mils does have a larger and smaller size (17 gal - and 8.5 gal). If you aren’t sure of the size, search youtube for the videos.
is the first one. Note the video opens with the larger size container (17-gal) not the 12-gal you are getting here.

That’s related to how I use them in the short-term. These are pretty sturdy. is a video to give you a sense of the size. Just as I noted, the video opens with a size larger than what woot is selling. The ones woot is selling are the mid-size (12 gal). For the other sizes, search Amazon Marketplace. The part numbers for them are:

39085 - 8.5 Gallon, 6 to a pack.
39120 - 12 Gallon, 6 to a pack (the size woot is selling)
39170 - 17 gallon 3 to a pack

My son bought two of these last time round. They arrived in very poor condition. Out of twelve boxes only one was undamaged. The lids on eleven out of twelve were in various stages of broken. The bottom of the shipping boxes were lined with the missing broken pieces. At $99 per order one would not want to “settle” for merchandis that could not survive shipping intact.

are u shiting me??
a hundred dollars for 6>>>

hell can get used photographic company trays, for free

Keep in mind that a 65lb capacity stacked 5 tall means you may need to think through the order in which you stack… the heaviest items go into a crate that will be on the bottom, the lightest items in a crate on top, etc.

I use a different brand of crate to store books, so I don’t have the luxury of having light weight boxes. The lids of many of my crates have buckled under the weight of having between 3 and 5 crates stacked vertically. The tell-tale sign is when your crates start to lean to one side.

I was about to order till I read of the customer that had 11/12 damaged. I read woot’s return policy but they say you have to return damaged items. At whose expense they don’t say so I assume it would be my expense for items damaged. that would more than negate my cost to buy. Can anyone comment on experience with returning damaged items with woot? can a moderator for woot comment on what would situation be if any of these arrived damaged what would recourse be for the customer? thanks

These are really worth $9 a piece more than the ones a certain home supply store has for $5.48 each? Use twice as many and still come out ahead. (And you can buy one at a time.)

at $100/6 or $17 each, these are really not a good deal. In general the product is great, but not for this price. better to get them at a costco or even Walmart for $5-$10 each

You can “borrow” these from from the back of CVS stores for free.

I ordered these. They are of decent quality. However, I found these exact ones cheaper at or comprable ones much cheaper at Home Depot.

Or at Global for $60 for 6 plus shipping (colors cost about $7 more)

Some day you guys will realize everything sold on woot is crap.

Well, good for you!