Towel Warmer Drying Rack-Your Choice

Towel Warmer Drying Rack-Your Choice
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Why don’t they have a a shut off timer ?? Do people leave them on all the time ??

Had bought it the last time. Did not come with wall mounting hardware. Also not that warm. I guess that’s how they are made. Seems smaller in size than expected

Uhh, dimensions are listed under “specs”.

What is the wattage and does it have a timer?

Yeah is there and automatic shut off - similar to an iron

Sorry about the missing hardware. If you haven’t, please email with your order info and issue. CS can get you taken care of.

I bought a similar one from Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s great to have a warm, crisp, dry towel every time. I’m considering getting a few more for guest.

I leave mine on all the time. No issues. If I’m leaving town for the weekend I’ll shut it off.

I can’t vouch for the brand but at this price it is worth it if you have the disposable income. It’ll also cut down on how often you wash towels. No more mildewy towels!

I’m speaking from 1yr of experience with the Conair model. Link here:;jsessionid=I1OGBZxis2RMbOinGFnDmMy9k8N85-IXS9Na7T5horzPqUoo6ye9!791215181?categoryId=13451

I have one of these that I purchased over a year ago. It’s really cheaply made and looks questionably safe, but I’ve had it on a timer to turn on for four hours every morning and it’s been working fine. It warms my bathroom and towels in the morning. Comes with wall mounts but I just use it freestanding. Would prefer a nicer looking one to mount. For the price it’s not bad.

From the buyer:
Wattage is 105.