TP-Link 2-Pack Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Minis

The Amazon link to comments seems to be for everything TP-Link except this item.

I bought a set last go-round and one has been faithfully working on a timer to start my garden seedlings. It took a while to get the software downloaded and set up, but they are now working with Alexa (Echo Dot) and the software to set the timer or turn off when I want to watch a movie. I’d recommend them to anyone.

I have numerous, various, TP-Link plugs and switches around the house. Based on every one of them working flawlessly I would not hesitate to get these if I needed more. Which I don’t (lol).

I have 4 TP-Link Kasa devices in my house - 2 switches and 2 wall plugs (these items). All controlled easily with an Amazon Dot. They work fairly well, occasionally losing contact with my Netgear router. But, after upgrading to a TP-Link router (for a totally unrelated reason) these things work flawlessly. Never lose a connection, timer functions for day to day operation or vacation modes. Linking to Alexa is a blast. This is a great price - I got my 2 pack from Amazon for $55+ … this is a great price.

I have 4 TP-Link plugs and 2 TP-Link switches. They work great. I’m waiting for to offer the TP-Link bulb three pack LB100 TKIT at a great price. Hint hint!