Travelpro Maxlite 5 Carry-On 21"

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Carry-On 21"

I have the same thing in the 19" size. I got it maybe 6 months ago and haven’t used it a ton yet, but I am happy with it. It is the lightest weight suitcase I’ve ever had and I really like that about it. It has decent spinner wheels, also has a carry handle on the side, and on the bottom by the wheels it doesn’t exactly have a full handle but there’s a little lip designed to get your fingers under to help pull it out of the overhead compartment.
The fabric is nice and gives it a nice appearance of a nice high quality bag. The design/shape of the bag is slightly less deep/thick on the top half which helps it to not be top heavy and thus it doesn’t fall over as easily as my previous bag. (Atleast on the 19" that I have it doesn’t fall over as easy as my old bag.)
The bag has a main compartment and on the inside of the lid a zipper compartment. Then on the outside front it has a generous front zipper area. Also - hard to tell from the pics - there is another small zipper pocket on the outside. It’s on the front below where you see the logo, the zipper for that pocket is hidden tucked in that spot where the fabric switches from the dark to medium blue. That’s a decent sized small pocket easily accessible in the front.
I’m in for one of these 21" to go with my 19", even though it’s not the same color. It’s a great price.


Will this be too large for international carry on even without expanding it?

Yes, you will have issues on most airlines IF they make you use the sizer, because this bag will not fit - especially because it has the spinner wheels. I have the 19" maxlite 5 international expandable carry-on rollaboard which doesn’t have spinners (instead has two recessed wheels and two nubs) which I love for business travel. My daughter took this bag all over Europe on Delta, Air France, and Lufthansa and had no issues with it fitting in their sizers and carrying it on.

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