Claiborne Metropolitan 5-Piece Luggage Set Woot Info Post - fewer calories and 0 carbs

Claiborne Metropolitan 5-Piece Luggage Set [New] - $79.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 28” Expandable Rolling Suitcase with Garment Carrier, 1 * 25” Expandable Rolling Suitcase, 1 * 21” Expandable Rolling Carry-on, 1 * 12” Roll-up Travel Kit, 1 * 16” Tote Bag

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none available, but 1 awful review at amazon.

and some more reviews at macy’s

Do these store nested - like Russian dolls?

To qualify as carry-on, the total height, width, and depth of the piece of luggage has to be 45 inches or less. Is it safe to assume that the 25" suitcase would have to be checked rather than carried on?

This is a good deal, but not amazing. A lot of retailers (including JC Penney, where I work) have similar deals this time of year, and you can often get them with coupons or other discounts. There are a couple on the JCP website and you get free shipping for over $25. I guess it’s good if you want to pay for the Claiborne name, though.

Yes, you’d have to check it, but the 21" carry-on should be fine. I’ve had a couple of flights on very small planes where my carry-on was too big for the overhead compartments, but they checked it for me right at the plane with no extra fee, since technically it was carry-on size.

These don’t have the 360 degree spinners, which are a deal breaker for me. If you’re gonna buy luggage that’s supposedly going to last you the better part of a decade (at least), get a set with at least that feature. Trust me on this.

This one may just be Froogle-proof! I think I’ve met my match…

At least you can get a general idea of what they’re worth.

I have two of these suitcases. the metal badge has fallen off both, the fabric is thin, and the craftmanship is questionable. however, they have lasted at least 10 flights from SD to Las Vegas and back, so they’re somewhat durable. Granted I only take clothes in them. Overall, quality is ok but they get the job done. If you don’t care about the quality of your luggage and just want your belongings to get from A to B without damage, then this is perfect. If your smuggling laptops, look somewhere else.

1800 denier is very good. They look blue in the picture, but the color was not mentioned.

I bought a 3-piece Protocol Carlisle set from Woot in the summer that had the 360 degree spinners. It turned out to be a huge mistake and I will never buy a bag with spinners again. Here’s why.

One of the wheels on the bag I use most often, the midsize that fits in airline carry-on bins, would never turn in the direction I was pulling the bag. So I ended up dragging the bag with one wheel never quite turning the right direction. I fly every couple months, and on my last trip for Thanksgiving I realized that wheel had actually stretched apart (from being pulled sideways on previous trips) and was now wedged permanently in its setting, so that it can’t turn at all.

This led me to try some creative ways of dragging a bag, which gets really uncomfortable when one wheel won’t move. I’ve tried flipping it over and pulling on two wheels so the pouches on top are facing the ground, which seems to make it feel heavier. I’ve tried pushing it upright with the two good wheels in the front, so the bad wheel is in back and not slowing anything too badly. Lastly, I’ve tried dragging the bag on two wheels on the same side, like when you turn a car so fast it goes on two wheels. So far this seems to work best but it’s incredibly awkward.

By the time I took my next trip and figured out the wheel problem, it was too late to return the bag. So I’m stuck with it now. A simple roller bag with wheels that don’t turn, like my last long-lasting, died-of-natural-causes suitcase, would have been much better.

i have the largest suitcase in this set and it’s great. fits a lot of stuff to make your luggage check-in fee less depressing. it held up well thru about 10 plane trips

Spinner wheels? Those are the ones the airline bust off the most often. They also seem to be the wheels I see most people having trouble with in airports. And I fly a ton.

don’t judge all by one

For the price this doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all. I may have to consider this for our trip to Florida in a couple weeks.

I purchased this same set, minus the garment bag, two weeks ago at an online Black Friday sale. I paid a little more than this price… I haven’t used them yet but yes, they nest for storage, and they seem very durable, with heavy-duty zippers and fabric. I don’t care much about paying extra for 360 degree spinners as the number of times when I actually will need to turn on a dime while wheeling my luggage are few and far between. I had been waiting for months for luggage to reappear on Woot, and I guess I should have waited just a couple of weeks longer!

I think the 360 wheels are great. I also bought the same 3 piece set and the quality is horrible. The larger luggage lasted 2 trips. Blame on the product quality and not on the 360 wheels.

Depends upon the airline. AirTran is 55"

True but a high-quality-anything will usually work well. In any case, @ $79 this is more of a bargain than a top-of-the-line product (as are most things on sellout.woot) so its worth some consideration.