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I’d love to hear any comments on that FreeMotion 335R. I’ve got back problems and canceled 2 gym memberships because I couldn’t get there enough. I’ve always found the bikes like this much easier on my back. Then it’s a refurb. I think Walmart had this, or very similar, for just over $3oo, also a refurb! Any experienced words are much appreciated!!! Thanks!

Prices aren’t very good for refurbs. Especially considering the quality of “refurb” devices I’ve come to expect from Woot. You can find most of these new for about 5-10% more all over the net.

The specs say 2.0 but the pic says 2.5 hp on the Golds gym foldable treadmill?

You can get the Gold’s Gym treadmill new at Walmart for 379

I bought a Pro Form bike from woot; was serviced and still doesn’t work correctly. Great bike for the brief period it worked. Heed my warning.

How does woot ship those 200# treadmills? I see on Amazon we pick a day for delivery, is it the same process?

My guess, due to the size, is that you’ll probably get contacted by the carrier, but hopefully a previous wooter can chime in and correct me if I’m wrong.

The bike I ordered was delivered and left outside my garage. No one was home to accept the delivery and no advanced notification provided.

Oh, now that’s a problem given that I am not easy for delivery folk to find and they’ve been known to leave computers at the wrong house. Might be worth the extra $20 to buy on Amazon then… hmmm.
Thank you for helping!

Does the Recumbent Bikes required an outlet to plug it in.
( electricity )

I poked around a few other sites and couldn’t find any info stating that these require electricity to work.