Tru-Spec Men's 24/7 Tactical Pants

Tru-Spec Men's 24/7 Tactical Pants

Hello Woot,

Could you please give me the model or style number from tru spec on these pants? I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Hi there. We’re linking to these:

That shows 3800-P so maybe those?

The pant model you linked to on Amazon is $1 cheaper on Amazon, than it is here on Woot in the size I selected. Sad day

Huh. I just checked most (all?) of the ASINs for the sizes available and all came in at greater than $39. I believe you. I just couldn’t find it.

Hi TT. Where are you seeing the ASIN for these products? I have always found the ASIN(s) in the review links, but the Woot! listing states that they haven’t been reviewed…

Yeah, we’re having issues with the server that posts reviews. I can get to the asins from the backend.

I’m told the reviews should be back tomorrow. Fingers crossed. If not, don’t blame me.

Thanks :slight_smile: