TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank – 12 Pack

Not if you don’t light the barbecue grill. Gonna take forever to grill your fish, though. Of course if you have plenty of cold beer around, you won’t really mind too much.

Really? That’s pretty cool. I thought I just did IT work for a Danish company. This sounds much better. So can I borrow 50 bucks, friend?

I bet some of that 30 year aged balsamic they sell on wine.woot would go well with this. I do believe I shall try this.

The funny thing is you gave me a real answer. The question was not a real one. I read in the description that the planks get hot, and I thought to myself, REALLY?

I’m in for two!!!

Actually, if you soak it well and keep the temp low it won’t burn, and will still impart some flavor to the food. I’ve done stuffed peppers on a plank in the oven. No smoke, and they came out great. It’s a more subtle flavor than the smokey flavor you get on the grill, though.

umm all gone

I guess that’s what a 12-fer will do. Got my 36 coming at least…love grilling on planks, and this was a good deal.

you shouldnt use soap though, your next meal might taste a bit soapy, just hot water would do. ie stick in dishwasher no detergent put on HOT and let her rip

genius, but has anyone ever used whiskey to soak these or is that a bad idea?

They are reusable.
They come with 12 because no matter how long you soak them, they will still burn off eventually. I use planks all the time to cook fish. I think it is the best way to cook fish on the grill.

Wow, sold out?~! this is proof that anything will sell on the internet.

Did anyone get an extra set of these they want to sell? Please let me know- thanx in advance!

similar size, decent pricing, they also have seconds and many other wood choices for planks and wood/dust for smoking (and in bulk!):

sadly, no Woot logo on them (could make your own with a soldering iron tho)

Sold out? OK, you win - I guess it is possible to sell lumber if you put “gourmet” in the title. Double or nothing? I’ll bet you can’t sell “premium dirt”.

um you already lost? dirt seasoning though

How much Woot could a Wood Plank Woot!?

brie is awesome =]]!

Glad I orderd in the AM this mornig. TY Woot!!!

you do know it is possible to bring theses to a tempurature that won’t make the burst into flames but will kill any bacteria.