TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank – 12 Pack

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TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank - 12 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 12 TrueFire Gourmet Woot Branded 7"x12" Cedar Grilling Planks

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Nothin’ beats a splintered butt steak!

How do you grill with wood? Isn’t wood an excellent insulator?
Am I missing the point here?

These could be nice for tailgating. Nice price for 12 of them. Cedar planks are awesome for salmon… In for at least one if not 3.

Twelve for tuelvesday? Two-elves? I’m working really hard to wrap my brain around this one.

I love you Twelve-for-Tuesday. You’re so much cooler than Two-for-Tuesday.

I have some and they work really well, make sure to soak long enough!

I am very glad the instructions remind us that the planks will get hot.

Never seen one of these. Are planks reusable? I’m guessing no since they come in packs of 12.

Will these ship before the Large Hadron Collider turns on in two hours?
I want to be eating off of one of these as the last thing I do.

Are these reusable? If so, do they lose a lot of quality on repeat usage?

Is cedar the best wood type to grill with?

You mean i have to soak my wood in water for 30 minutes to 3 hours

I’ve grilled on a plank before - yummy!!!
Back then I had a gas grill only though, these days I grill on charcoals, mostly.

Two questions therefore:

  1. Is it suitable for grilling on charcoals, or just on gas?
  2. Would there be much difference to just throwing in some cedar wood chips into the grill. Which will give better flavor?

I use a cast iron box that holds wood chips. Would this transfer the flavor more efficiently?

I am not to familiar with these can they be used on both charcoal and propane? Also do they just burn up or can you reuse them?

Will this make my meat taste like wood? Is that good? I don’t know if I should…

Judging by the fact that they’re coming as a 12-pack, is it safe to assume that they’re of the “use once and toss” variety?

The wood would burn but the water it gets soaked in before use transfers the heat to the food. Should work in theory.