Two Slice Toaster - 2 Pack

one for yourself and one as a gift? does anyone really need two toasters?

or is it just incase one craps out on ya lol

Cheap wedding gifts…

Through a little bit of math…

Each purchase gets me 2 toasters,
Each toaster can hold 2 slices of bread,
I can make 3 purchases,

So, thanks to woot, I’ll be able to toast 2x2x3=12 slices of bread at once. Awesome!!! Thanks woot!

Coming up on wedding season so this could be a good buy.

It says “wide slots” but no dimensions. Wonder if a nice fat bagel will fit. Also how deep the slots are for the taller breads.

Anyone know how even these toast things? Also how hot the outside of the toasters gets when its toasting?

lol well i would have to say this toaster is not a great one but stick a for k in it see what happens!

Who needs two toasters? Really? Although, I have craved toast on two levels of my house. WOW! This could enable me to toast all over the house. This should have been a three-fer Tuesday. Then I could satisfy toast needs on all levels in the home.

Now I can do four toasts at the same time. Super time saver.

what some brave little toasters they are, and they stay working together as a couple, awwww… so cute. twice the toaster, twice the bread, twice the speed, twice the eletric bill… wait… i don’t think they use that much electric anyways, but hey, who knows… maybe it’s a good idea to make two grilled cheese sandwiches at once, as that way once you finish eating one you can eat the other immediately without having to wait on that one toaster to handle such a big task all hot and sweaty… cause what? two is always, and I mean always better than one! Get one… I mean two. aarrrgg!!


I don’t wanna brag, I don’t wanna boast…

I always tell 'em, I like TOAST!

~ Heywood Banks

About to finally move into my own 1bdrm apartment so no more roommate appliances. I need a good toaster. Can’t find any reviews on this one though, but I’ll probably grab one.

It’s like a 4-slice toaster really, but twice more demanding on your outlets.

Plus one for the garage. I’m in for two doubles now.

I wonder what the wattage is on one of these suckers…

No, it wouldn’t have.

A cancel button on a toaster?

I’m thinking of buying this just for that!

Um…cancel that order for toast…:0

these kinds of items should be offered come august when us kids go to college and break a lot of stuff

No, you’ll probably grab 2. They’ll probably blow a circuit breaker if you use them together!