Westinghouse Black 2-Slice Wide Toaster with Toaster Box


Tuesday, December 27, 2005


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Spread these Quality Posts on your bagel and call it breakfast:
[]p2, spin54 looks at Froogle and decides “Woot wins”
]p2, nexisnet is “offended at the inherent inefficiency” of today’s toaster
[]p3, mikeq finds the Westinghouse product page
]p3, eegorr points us to the product listing on shop.com


nice toaster! I’m down!


Nice, but i already got one, and very nice they are, goodnight.
hhmmm, how did this happen, wink, wink,
probably never happen again.
Celebrate good times, come on!


Nice woot tonight. Ok the B.O,C is out of the way… woot-off coming soon?

Toast = good [:)]


Ho-hum… good night!



C’,mon woot…

you can do it!!!



Ooh… nice woot!


a toaster? no thnx. I still love ya woot


i dont need no freakin toaster!


No toaster for me, thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Already have a toaster. FTW



G@&^%$# it!!


No thanks, don’t need one.


Not just a toaster, but a wide one. Man i was expecting a big after christmas giveaway. :slight_smile:


What’s a toaster box?


hell naw, this just isnt for me


got this for xmas, looks awesome

going to get another one



got one for x-mas it works great dont know how much though cause was gift but did good on my bagels


No Woot for Me