Kalorik Stainless-Steel and Glass 2-Slice Toaster


Do we get a bank account with this toaster?

mues wootoff song


ummm… it has 1 gb?

mmmmmmmmmmmm Toast

Wooters die?
edit nevermind it’s back up

wish I had the bread for this


i heard from a friend that knows a friend that knew a friend that knew that these made toast

The glass will prevent me from burnin’ me fingers, but it may get dirty behind it… I wonder if you can take it off to clean?

nowadays you get a bank with a toaster.

Bought one of these a week ago. $2 less on the woot-off, and it does exactly as advertised. Toasts bread.

This will turn your bread into toast, into diamonds. It’s true!

Toasters toast… toast?

and this makes toast?

Do you have to move the handle down before cranking?

what is the glass for?

Excellent brand and price. I bought another one of their items and I’m very happy with it.