Uniden DECT 6.0 5-Handset Corded/Cordless Combo Phones

I ALWAYS buy Uniden phones. They are the BEST!!

phone six

Signed by the cast of the “Wasssssuuuuppppppppppp” commercials.

Good phones, I’ve had them for about a year and plaid about $99 at Fry’s. No problems, hooked up quickly.

Really guys? Who here still has a home phone line and uses it?

What is this the dark ages? I don’t have a land line!

People still have land lines?

Move along people nothing to see here!

What is wifi friendly?

have i missed the bag of crap?

would have loved to buy this, but again… refurbished… nope…

1998 called…they want their phone technology back.

DECT is the way to go. We upgraded our cordless phones to DECT a year ago and have been very pleased.

If you have old cordless phones or you still have your Ma Bell princess phone it’s time to upgrade.

I recently paid more for a similar set by Panasonic. Would have gone for this otherwise.

I find it amusing that as the afternoon wears on with no B.o.C that the “site unavailables” between each item become worse and worse


this will go good in my one bedroom apartment


Hey, what’s that funny black think coiling out of the big phone? Haven’t seen one of those in years…

Lots of people do for various reasons. One of the nice things about this phone is it also gives you a hard wired corded phone if your power goes out you still have your phone.