VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

lux is lumens per square meter. So, for “lux” to be a useful comparison, we’d need to know what the reference projection area is, or the figure is useless.

For the same amount of light emitted, a projection on a far wall would be dimmer (less lux) than a projection on a piece of paper very close (much, much more lux). One could assume that they really meant lumens… but this is marketing speak, so always assume they’re trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

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How many lumens?!

That’s why these are not selling.

PPL think the lux figure is intended to mislead.

Most likely it is.

Per the manufacture it is equal to 2300 lumens


Can you put that in the description?

Added to the specs.

My understanding (from a review on Amazon - so take it with a grain of salt) is that the bulb in this product is not replaceable at all. So, once it dies, the whole unit becomes a very expensive brick/paperweight/doorstop. Is there truth to that, and if so, planned obsolescence much?

I saw that, too, but it supposedly has a 50k hour lifespan. If you left it on 24/7, it would take 5.7 years to reach 50k hours, tho I’m sure the bulb wouldn’t last near that long with constant use. At 8 hours/day, it would theoretically last 17 years. Regardless, one would probably want to upgrade well before reaching 50k hours.

Fair enough on that point. I guess the only remaining question would be if the bulb is actually warrantied for 50,000 hours and what the conditions of the warranty are. The life expectancy of any product is typically determined as being under “normal” or “ideal” conditions, as determined by its manufacturer normally, or perhaps some industry standards organization.

Any warranty would likely require the “ideal” conditions in order to make a claim for early failure, so if I bought this projector to use for my daily computing needs, and it regularly saw 8, 10, or even 12+ hours of use, my bet is that a claim made in less than 17 years (using your math) would be rejected for unintended usage scenario, and of course, no warranty would cover this product beyond a couple of years max anyways, even with extended warranties or credit card doubling.

It is this concern, without the ability to purchase a replacement bulb for say ~1/3 the cost of the full purchase price of the projector (and wow are those bulbs expensive!), is a deal-breaker for me, because that would be exactly why I would consider purchasing one, but not at that risk. I can instead invest in a larger monitor that is rated for long hours of continuous operation, and likely warrantied for same. For many other people, the normal usage scenario probably makes this projector an excellent value. To each their own, and it probably saved Vankyo manufacturing costs (and hopefully therefore consumers money) in not having to engineer consumer access to the bulb for possible (yet unlikely) replacement needs.

Son-in-law bought this projector and returned it. The projector needs to be much closer than 100 inches, otherwise you get a fish-eye image. The edges are blurry while the middle of the picture is sharp. sharpening the edges causes the center to become blurry.

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Did you try adjust the keystoning?

Yes, it wasn’t a keystone issue because we slightly adjusted the corners to line up perfectly. It was a focus issue and it was worse the farther away the projector was from the screen. It only improved inside of 8 feet and that wasn’t workable.

Well drat. I’m sorry.