Vector Robot by Anki Home Robot

Vector Robot by Anki Home Robot

I bought a Vector robot last year and about 3 months after getting it, the company shut down. Has Anki been bought out by someone else?

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But I’ll share a link which I posted in the thread for when these were sold during Mischief Week:

If you check out /r/AnkiVector, you’ll see that people have been working on 3rd party servers.

No not at all, they are basically shut down the business due to financial issues. They are providing support any longer and no one picks up the phones also.

In addition to that, using your vector with wifi connection is now very dangerous due to security issues if you use to connect 3rd party apps for 3rd party servers. Because you don’t know pretty much who are behind those servers abd many users currently using 3rd party servers. I basically sold my two vector and one cozmo on ebay. Soon they will become useless or completely unsecure for stubborn users who are connecting third party servers. It’s just bad business style that didn’t last very long.

They will soon become $50 or less. Especially around black Friday :+1: but like i said, soon to be useless.

I’ve been under the impression since last year, that Cozmo has some more Independence than Vector regarding the servers.

Oh well, people are jumping ship while they can still make as much as possible back regarding their purchases.

Did you sell yours?


I’m waiting for a crucial item first before I make any decisions.

Did you get an Alexa?

The only time I owned a device with Alexa built-in (other than my last Vector) was when the OG Echo was “exclusive” to a small percentage of Amazon account holders.

(Not that I opened it and used it.)

You’re exclusive and fancy. How many penguins did you have to buy to get put on that list?

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I don’t discuss my penguin adoption activities.

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Better sell while they have some value and there are some people don’t know what’s going on so :grin: international buyers are more interested in these. i’ve seen people buy these for their little ones, just to they can look smarter or geeky, which is pretty odd to me but yeah, get rid of them before they fully hacked. and good point, cozmo is on your phone most the time as it is more STEM based than the vector.

All sold out or ran out of time?

Sold out. Sorry.

You’re alive!!!

In case you still have your Vector, you may be interested to know that a new company has taken over and plans to continue to manufacture and sell Vector as well as provide new features. There’s a Kickstarter going on until Saturday where your can get a discounted license for future updates as well as buy an “escape pod” option that will allow you to run Vector from your own servers. The Doomsday predictions didn’t quite pan out.

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I already put in my money. There will be a monthly fee to keep them operating for non- Kickstarter people.