Verizon Wireless Qi Wireless Charging Stand

Verizon Wireless Qi Wireless Charging Stand
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“Input: 12V / 750mA”

is this a car charger?

Interesting question. The “In The Box” section doesn’t say anything about an AC adapter.

All the wireless chargers I’ve run across so far have used a micro-USB power plug, which means 5 volts. Often, the wireless charger doesn’t come with an AC adapter, you just use the one you had been plugging into your phone.

Anyone know if this unit will charge a phone through an OtterBox case? I’ve had pretty poor luck with that. Of the ones I’ve tried, even the ones that start out working will overheat and quit working after not very many charges.

Included in the box is an AC power supply.

I don’t have this model charger, I have the round samsung model that very common. Both my wife an I use ours with the otter box defender, works flawlessly…Hope this helps

That’s interesting. I also use the OB Defender (on a Samsung Galaxy S7). If I take the phone out of the OB, the wireless charger works great, but with it in the OB, I have to position the phone very precisely - like within a mm or two - to get it to charge at all. I’ve had two of them so far fail with a melted spot on the plastic above some of the electronic components inside after a dozen or so charges. (Not this model charger either, but the round one.) Maybe it’s my phone.

Is this unit fast charging?

No, all Qi charges are going to charge more slowly than directly connecting via microUSB

I’m not seeing any mention of an AC adapter being included nor what the adapter output is in Amps. This is interesting as the Qi device claims to have an output of 5V 1.0 Amp based upon 12V 750ma input.

sorry, we missed the AC adapter in the product description. However, it does include one. The Input: 12V / 750mA and Output power: 5V, 1.0A. Hope that helps.

This will fully charge my dead Turbo2 in about an hour and a half.
$59.99 directly from Verizon, or $39.99 refurbed from Verizon on Amazon.

Great Woot!

I thought refurbishment meant they would clean it up a little and make it look new. Mine arrived scratched to hell with scotch tape stuck to the top of it that I had to scrape off.

Not impressed with this deal :frowning:

Refurbishing doesn’t replace cases to new. You can expect scratches but the item should be usable.

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