ViewSonic gTablet 10.1" Multi-touch Tablet

Already got mine, and love it!

Epic thread from the original record breaking sale:

Here you will find anything and everything out about this wonderful gadget.

it’s the G-Tab again!

I hope they only have three in stock, otherwise this is going to be a long two hours

Makes me wish I had $279.99… I like these tablets!

C’mon, cheap MP3 players!!!

Of course this has been asked, but how smoothly would it upgrade to 3.X?

Meh, I don’t need one. I have an eBook reader, a netbook, and iPod Touch, a Blackberry, and a laptop.

I think I’m pretty set on technology for awhile (getting a Droid here in a few months, ditching RIM).

Cnet Review:

Product website:

Can you put the e-book stores on this after rooting? How does it perform as an e-book reader?

if you are talking about Honeycomb, you can’t

C’Mon cheap 40"+ LCD TVs!!!

Got mine last time… Already rooted with custom ROM. Was soooo easy! Love it :slight_smile:

Wow. I was wondering if they were going to have this again today. I may bite on this and get a second one.

cnet reviews aren’t good. Flash the rom and you will have a great tablet

Just got mine… was waiting for it to pop up today. Thanks WOOT!

I Want One!

But I don’t have the cashish right now.

I curse you Woot!

Well, this girl has spit coffee, talked leakfrog, eaten lasagna…time for a shower. Have at it, w00ters…I beat the game on Friday, so happy w00ting and good luck!

Now, this item is a killah!