The Book by Augen – 7” Digital Color eReader

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The Book by Augen - 7" Digital Color eReader
$74.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Any good?

Been waiting all day for that disembodied hand…

Sounds Legit

Damn, I’da gone for it if the hand came with.

I guess it’s like BN’s Nook. Only with a little more B and a little less N.

No disembodied hand? Well I’m out . . .

will this clean my feet too?

“Ivanhoe” by Walter Scott is his worst. His best is “Waverly” followed by “Heart of Midlothian”

Correction: I forgot about “The Talisman.” That is his worst.

I had to do a double take on this one. For some reason I thought at first it was a tiny digital piano.

I need nap I think.

Also doubles as a medical scanner/tricorder for Star Trek conventions!

Dang… and it’s such a nice looking disembodied hand. That would have been a done deal if it came it the reader.

LCD screen = No reading in the sun
This is why I bought a Kindle.

That’s not e-ink you’re looking at. That’s LCD. The horror.

It must be good. It’s on YouTube.

Holy crud, Woot has the tenth doctors disembodied hand! This explains everything, Woot uses time travel to get their daily deals. I’m on to you.

I’ve been waiting all day for an electronic reader with a disembodied hand, and you say I can’t have the hand! {Insert Charlie Brown sad music here}

Will the disembodied hand work with my Mac?

$75 for this??? Are you kidding me when the Kindle is $110, get real…Even if this was half this price it wouldn’t be worth it…It’s either Kindle or nothing when it comes to an e-reader