VIPEX 10W Bluetooth Mini Soundbar

VIPEX 10W Bluetooth Mini Soundbar

Any idea on how to figure out if your TV can do Bluetooth?

You have to check your TV settings, more than likely your TV isn’t, TV Bluetooth is expensive, but you can hook this up to your TV by using the audio jack !!

Your TV might not be able to do bluetooth but a device connected to your tv might. For instance, my TV is not bluetooth capable, but my fire stick is. So I go into settings on my firestick and add my bluetooth headset (I don’t have this soundbar) and that is how I am able to use bluetooth with my tv.

I have this sound bar on my computer right now! I have been plenty happy with it, loud enough for a small sound bar, I paid 50 for mine so this is a good deal!

This looks a lot like a Taotronics sound bar I have. Anyone know if they are the same thing?!

It sure appears that way! Similarly advertised.

Tbh, I think I’d prefer that one at the same price. Taotronics is good stuff.

remote ??

no remote? How is volume controlled when using the AUX port?

You would set the volume on the speaker , probably to about 80% then use the attached device to control the volume, whether it be a TV via AUX port or a phone via bluetooth…

How big is it??

Hi there. Found this on Amazon:


thanks, unfortunately the aux port on my 4k tv is not volume controlled. :frowning: