Samsung 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Sub

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Samsung 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Sub
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1/23/2014 - $79.99 - 25 comment(s)

Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at

Notably cheaper than it is on Amazon.

Top critical review still liked it, saying it was a good, cheap, entry level sound bar.

I got one of these the last time they came up. I like it!

One of the better features is if you connect it using the optical cable, it will automatically turn on when whatever is at the other end turns on, no matter what that is. So, at the VERY least, the power is automatically controlled.

If you’ve got a Samsung TV, the soundbar remote will turn it on and off. If you’ve got a really new Samsung TV, you might be able to control the volume better with it. As it stands, my Samsung TV is a few years old, and I’m still stuck with proliferating remotes. :frowning:

Lastly, if nothing else, you can use it as a bluetooth speaker system for your smartphone. You have to reconnect it (though not re-pair it) every time you start it, but once it is all linked up, it makes a pretty good replacement for a Jambox. Consider using this soundbar somewhere NOT under a TV!

Why not under a TV?

Would this work with 220v?

I have a question. WHAT THE HELL does “tight, thundering bass” supposed to mean?
I’m seriously starting to get the feeling that the marketing team at Woot thinks that we are a bunch of chunk light, low class tuna in spring water - ready to drop our scales and start throwing our fins at the first sighting of some tight bass. I’m so sick of their “rich and dynamic” condescension. WE SEE WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO HERE WOOT! Duh! It’s obvious that a bunch of the big fish at Woot got together and were like “well, we’ve got this boring old Bluetooth sound bar sitting here. Any ideas on how we can doll it up into something the average chunk lighter will fall for? What’s that Bob? Ah yes of course! You’re absolutely right, how could I forget the number one rule of advertising:When a product is substandard, drape a hot, scantily scaled bass over it with some omega 3’s dripping off of it and they’ll shop with their trout instead of their brains.”
Guess what Woot? We are fish too! I don’t care how much that tight bass thunders, we aren’t a bunch of shallow swimmers! We want more than just a little fatty acid. The 80’s are long gone and we want our bass sophisticated and independent of the soundbar. You really believe that we would settle like a bunch of dogs for subwoofing? We want our woofers woofing with genuine standard woof, understood?? This Bluetooth soundbar is no Chicken of the Sea, and we all know it. It’s high tide that you started treating us like we live in the same ocean as you.


With my USB-connected audio system, there’s a slight delay to the audio – notable if you’re paying close attention. Is that the case with sound bars as well?

FWIW: we have a Vizio TV connected to a Sony amplifier.

I picked up this unit NEW from Walmart for $149.00, Had to return it the next day because it would turn off on its own watching TV, Swapped it out for another new unit and did the same thing, returned it and got my money back. Both units did the same thing.

It’s obvious you have never been scuba diving and heard a largemouth bass burp. It’s pretty loud and thundering. Not real tight though, especially coming from flabby bass.

Last night I finally removed the sound bar (Boston Acoustic refurb off Woot) from my TVs. It just didn’t work out.

It was always off so it had to be turned on (why auto shut off?). Then you had to turn it up. Plus someone always hit the source button so you had to struggle to set it to the proper source. All this with yet another remote. blah

These seem to be more trouble than my receiver on my main TV. Maybe Samsung does it better, I do not know.

I bought the refurb wireless sub version from Woot and couldn’t be happier with it. It added great sound to my little Philips TV and the BT is really cool to use with streaming music from my phone. My TV doesnt have an optical cable but I was able to get the DirecTV remote to control the sound.

Got this last time it was up on woot.

I had been waiting for something that was affordable, and had bluetooth.

I went out and bought an optical cable, plugged it in from my tv to my sound bar, and I have wondrous sound after years of puny flatscreen speaker sound.

Pros -

  1. Turns on automatically when you turn the tv on.
  2. Gives rich enough sound without overwhelming the room.
  3. Small profile, especially the sub. Does not take up much room at all.
  4. The bluetooth capability is great - I can get about 40 feet away and it still works with my phone.


  1. This is not going to give you room shaking bass. However, that’s not what you buy a sound bar for.
  2. I’ve had a difficult time trying to get it to work with my comcast xfinity remote. I’d love to be able to control the sound with just one remote, but as of now I have to use the one that came with the sound bar to change the volume. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

All in all, if you want great sound for the average movie watcher, without the ground shaking bass - this ones for you. If you want to thump, skip it. I for one love this unit.

I would hope that a sound bar and full subwoofer would be better than a “pretty good” Jambox replacement. Speaker design is still, in general, one place where size IS important (especially for bass), so I would hope that this would be better than a Beatbox or Big Jambox.

I have a Jambox that I carry with me, but I’m thinking of buying this for work (when everybody else is gone), but if the sound quality isn’t any better than a Jambox, I’m not going to waste my money.

Is subwoofer wired or wireless?

I have a wall mounted samsung that this would work well with, but who wants a cord running from their wall mount to a sub?

The “brick” in the power cord, I assume it converts 120Ac to something? Anybody have a idea to what? DC? If so, how much DC?

woot! is looking more like eBay everyday. Used to be one bargain a day. fun and easy. Now it’s a mall.

Power Supply: DC 24V

It says it in the specs tab.