LG 120W 2.1ch Sound Bar w/Subwoofer & Bluetooth

I bought this last time it was on Woot, albeit for 40 clams less than today’s price. I love mine.

I use it with my Samsung TV, and the volume responds to the Samsung remote - and the soundbar also automatically powers up when it sees the TV’s optical connection come alive.

I also play a lot of music through this via my phone, and as above, it wakes up when detecting the incoming bluetooth connection.

All in all, I’m pleased with the sound and the features, and knowing what I do now I would have been happy to get my hands on this even at the higher price.

I found this review on Amazon… Resolved my hesitancy.

"Lots of people are saying the subwoofer is lacking - i found this too initially.
Follow these steps:

  • press the Woofer Level up button until you reach level 6
  • press the Equalizer button twice to reach Bass, and the Volume up until you reach level 5
  • and finally, press the sound effect button until you reach Cinema
    These are the best settings i could find, even on volume 35/100 i had the room shaking
    Enjoy! "

What do they mean exactly when they say “40 inches and Above TV Matching?”

I have an LG 65" and it is mounted in a corner with an articulating arm. Will I be able to mount this bar to the bottom of the TV so that it moves with the TV when I adjust it?


I got the lg recently with a little more power and I’m pleased.

This one is more for a room in my opinion than a living room though I’m sure it’d trump whatever your tv is spitting out.

The nicest thing I found is it comes on when you turn the TV on which my larger Sony Will not.

One down side is the volume shares the volume with the vizio tv so. You want the TV turned off and I’m guessing the vizio tv has a setting to turn it off I just haven’t found it yet.

edit Found the off button on the Vizio and never touched stock settings on the sound bar so maybe the woofer @ 5 as the other person stated would be adequate. I honestly didn’t attempt to adjust mine since I got it.