VIZIO 40" 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub

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VIZIO 40" 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub
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No Bluetooth makes this a non-starter…

Time to check out the quick start guide

I have this sound bar. It doesn’t have Bluetooth and the remote sucks

However, it has awesome sound. I like that the subwoofer is wireless, which allows you to put it anywhere in the room. I paid $200 for mine and I have no regrets.

If you want Bluetooth capability, then you should pass on this one. If that’s not an issue for you, then buy it.

Pretty decent review here…

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Agreed this bar-woofer combo is pretty great. I’m not that heavily bluetooth enabled so it’s lack of that doesn’t bother me.

I wavered between getting just a Vizio bar, and this bar with a sub-woofer, and I’m so glad I got this combo. I immediately realized this when I first turned it on, because the bar turns on first, and the woofer takes about 5-7 seconds to kick on. In those seconds before the woofer turns on, you easily realize what you’d be missing without it. The sound would have no depth. It sounds great at low and high volume.

The remote seems to work just fine to me.

I have the big brother to this sound bar, or at least what I presume to be the big brother, in the 5.1 Vizio Sound Bar. I can only say positive things about it. As others have mentioned, there is no bluetooth on this model, which for some could be a real deal breaker. woot! often has the smaller 32" model Vizio Sound Bar that does have the bluetooth capability. If you’re planning on using it for music and through bluetooth connectivity, you might be best off waiting until that comes available.

All of that said, I’ve had two Vizio Sound Bars. The newest 5.1, and an older VSB-200. They have both been phenomenal for what they are. Anytime you get a sound bar you have to have somewhat tempered expectations. If they allege having some sort of surround sound capabilities, be skeptical. Yeah, they might be able to post process the input to give it some depth, but it’s all at the unit. The only way to have true surround is to have rear speakers. Period.

So what should you expect from this unit? A warm, bright, sound stage that has sufficient punch. I have been impressed with the depth on both of my Vizio sound bars and especially impressed with the punch provided by the subwoofer that came with the 5.1 unit. I’ve said it numerous times before, but Vizio gets a bad rep for being “cheap” but I’ve had really good luck with all of the products I’ve purchased from them. I can’t speak for the value of this unit as I’m unaware of what they retail for new, but I would be willing to bet it’s a decent value. Happy buying!

Ditto here, I have a VSB-206C purchased a couple of years ago for a bedroom and the same 5.1 with wireless subwoofer purchased recently on Woot for a living room, both purchased as refurbs and both still performing beautifully. I’m very happy with the full, rich sound on both units and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

I passed on buying the Samsung HW-FM35 for $64 on newegg. I’m still regretting it. Please get that one Woot.

We have a Vizio and have been living with the built-in speakers. We find that in movies, or sporting events with a lot of background sound, you lose the dialog. Will a sound bar like this help with that?

If you can live without bluetooth, this is a great buy. I have this one and paid twice as much. I have had no problems with the remote as some others have mentioned and compared to similar from Samsung and LG (I was in a store that had a side by side) the Vizio is way better.

I bought this. You definitively get what you pay for. Was considering putting it in my 2nd living room to listen to the TVs and music while playing pool. Won’t even come close to filling the room with sound. Gonna move it into my office and hook it up to my PC.

For $100 it is better than the TV speakers, but certainly nothing special.

Arrived with only one of the two wall mounting brackets listed on the parts page. First customer service person denied that it had any brackets, and ended our conversation with that. Tried again, and second customer service person said they’d look into it and get back to me… still waiting… over a month. Not thrilled with Woot’s customer service. This first purchase is probably my last.