Vizio 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

We bought this exact TV last July and it is great. Ours is refurbished and it looks and works like new. It’s easy to set up, it has a ton of connections including two HDMI which is great if you have Satellite and a upconverting or High Def DVD player. We paid a little less for it, I think about $800 but this is an awesome price for a good set. My only regret was not asking the wife before I bought it, but its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission! Go for it.

i got the 37" Vizio LCD about a year ago (refurb) from pc connection for like 550 shipped. Based on that, I’ve seen better deals. but, this is definitely not bad - and my vizio hasn’t broken once - i’m very happy with it.

pancakes , Bad deal. $2.39 a day for a year?

CARP. 400 maybe. Is it just me, or are the deals becoming less and less of a factor?

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Sorry Woot! Bad Deal! This LCD TV appeared in our Wal-Mart weekend flyer today for $749.99 and that’s for a NEW unit. You’re going to have to do much better if you want all the pretty little states to turn from black to orange.

I’m afraid that you’ve made the usual apples/oranges comparison mistake. Here is Wal-Mart’s TV:

Model number is different. Aside from that… it is 720P. 1024x720 resolution. You’re giving up quite a lot to save $100.

That looks like a pretty decent deal but I’ve been having a terrible time trying to get my current 37" Philips LCD TV Repaired. It came defective in February and it still isn’t fixed. I believe it is mostly due to a couple of bad support reps and and a terrible local repair facility.
Thankfully when I called yesterday I was informed that my case was under review for replacement. It’s probably due to my BBB complaint.

This is incorrect.

  • Y (green connector) carries luma (brightness) information.
  • PB (blue connector) carries the difference between blue and luma (B − Y).
  • PR (red connector) carries the difference between red and luma (R − Y).
    A green signal is not sent as the colour can be interpolated using the blue, red and luma information. This is done to save bandwidth.

warning1 - thank you for the correction. Yes, you are right. Not quite the same thing.

WOOT This one? NOT !!!
90 Day Warranty? What planet are you guys on?
Here’s what happens when it stops working on the 91rst day … and yes I have the price qoute from Vizio’s service ITI in CA
Main board $173.60
On site Tech Fee $195.00
Shipping fee $25.00
Total cost of repairs $393.60
Buy it new with an extended warranty

Because you are editing the quote and removing the postid.

Buy an extended warranty on this one. There are plenty of companies that sell extended warranties. You don’t have to buy them at the store where you buy the TV.

Why? Because an extended warranty on an LCD TV is pure profit. MTBF for LCD TVs range from 15 -25 years.

My son has this exact model. He paid $950.00 at Sam’s Club about 6 months ago. He loves it! No problems ever. He even loads it into the car to go gaming at friend’s houses!

I have a vizio right now up on my wall, can’t remember the exact size as we just call it the “ginormous tv”. its like 42 or something. its just a big ass tv. love it. no problems ever, except figuring out all the components. anyone thinking of it last minute should go for it. got mine at walmart for very good price, about this price new. bought HDMI cable for it with the ps3 and OMG it looks great. I like that I can keep the wii, ps3, and cable all hooked up, and just flick the remote to the different component settings. the only hard part was finding the right hardware for mounting it on the wall. the stuff on the back of the tv is a little weird to set up. tried 2 different ones from walmart that didn’t work and had to be returned, before finding the right doohicky at costco for very cheap.
we have had the ginormous beast for about a year now, no problems ever.

to the person saying they use this tv as a monitor…maybe I am stupid, but how/why on earth would you need a monitor this size? do you, like, use it from across the room? i don’t get it. seems silly to me. I have to adjust the picture sometimes for some things so they won’t be distorted by the size of the tv. I can’t imagine typing in my msn window thats a foot and a half big. crazy. hmm. maybe I will hook my my laptop to the tv for giggles just to see what all the hubub is about.

Just FYI, I worked at one of the big warehouse stores and was amazed at the number of Philips televisions we had returned. I would say over 50% of the ones we sold were returned due to some manufacturing defect. Philips is a terrible brand with horrendous quality control. Avoid them at all costs. Many years ago they produced good quality products. Now however, they just sell trash to unsuspecting consumers. Check the u tube site if you don’t believe me. There are many videos of people who fell prey to Philips products. To be fair, there are a few VIZIO haters as well.

I use this as a Media Center. It is also very cool to play games on. Half-Life and others are so much better on this than on a (now, in my opinion) pathetic little 19" monitor. Trust me, if you play games or use your computer as a DVD player/media center you will really like it. Also, due to the 1920 by 1080 resolution text is really not all that big. Windows icons are around an inch tall and text is easily readable. PC graphics are poor if you use the monitor port on the back. Use a DVI to HDMI cable to get the best picture. If your laptop does not have a DVI or HDMI port on it then you are S. O. L. as far as a great picture is concerned.

thats why i was going to try it to see. I have both the HDMI and the DVI on my laptop. good to know about the text and such. I agree that games look great. I have been playing folklore lately on it with my ps3 and I am very happy, noticed a big difference once i hooked up the HDMI.