VIZIO 42" 1080p LCD HDTV

A whopping 60 Hz. Woot!!!

Great buy. Amazon reviews rate this a 3.7 out of 5 stars, and theirs cost almost a $100 more. 2 HDMI inputs. 60hz.

An amazing bang for you buck T.V. made from a company that you can trust these days. Most my friends own a Vizio and some of them are same generation if not older compared to this one. Definitely a must buy if you want a good T.V. with a good budget cost.

Seriously?? I bought this from the Woot Plus deal a couple weeks ago and it arrived broken, I could get sound but absolutely nothing on the screen.

Salt in the wound, Woot.

(Also anyone considering buying this might want to read through the thread for the last set of Vizio TV’s before making their decision. There was a wide array of issues… but who knows! Maybe they’ve sorted it all out for this set.]

Remember a couple of weeks ago when so many people including me had to return their refurbished Vizio TVs because they were received broken or broke shortly after?
I have a 4 year old Vizio TV bought new and works great but I would not buy one from Woot’s refurbished vendor.

Don’t do eeeeeet!

The Vizio fiasco has been my only bad experience with woot thus far, but it’s left a pretty big stain.

FedEx didn’t give the option to refuse a damaged package, because they didn’t even bother to ring the doorbell.
The box was mangled. Inside there was minimal packing material; a triangle for each corner and two 4-5 inch squares for the edges.

Woot returns got back to me fairly quickly, but they wanted me to set-up shipping details with FedEx (paraphrase of statement: “if they tell you they cannot, or that we have to call ourselves, hang up and call back. You can set it up.”)

Yeah, well, after 4 tedious calls, FedEx insisted that it was a woot issue and I sent a new email off to woot member services again - and they replied quickly with a resolution and a FedEx pick-up time.

I assume FedEx got the box, it was gone when I checked in the afternoon, but I have no way of tracking and I won’t be refunded until up to 10 days after woot receives the return. (That hasn’t happened, yet.)

It really did seem like a great deal and I was really looking forward to a working television (mine is smaller and equally dead.) I read the complaints from the previous sale, but pulled the trigger anyway, because I have a lot of confidence in woot employees.

I still trust things will work out, but I have to say it really isn’t worth the suffering.

Best of luck to those who purchase though.

Our 8 year old plasma finally gave up the ghost and we are not in a position to ante up for the 120hz, new, big, LED, etc. Thankfully this deal came up that same evening. Meant to be. Works great. After paying Big Bucks for our plasma all those years ago this is quite the deal. The picture quality is years ahead of what we were accustomed to. Too bad we seem to be the only ones not on the short end of the shipping, DOA, customer service stick.

8ms seems like an awfully large lag.

Bought this eco tv four years ago at walmart. Love it. It isn’t a new line vizio model. I highly recommend it.

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I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago on Woot. I was a bit concerned about the negative comments on the prior shipment, but went ahead anyway because of the price, and Woot has always has made good on damaged products. Mine arrived with similar packaging, interestingly in an inverted brown box with the glossy print on the inside. USPS left the package on my deck, no signature. I was pleasantly surprised, in not impressed with the packaging, when I opened it and found the TV in good condition, looking new. So far so good, the TV works great and the deal was great, so no complaints. There was an insert paperwork saying the company covered the product under warranty for 6 months, although I am assuming that the 3 month warranty is the deal.

I purchased a refurbished Westinghouse 37 inch TV for 288.00 from NewEgg com and 6.5 years later the picture is still amazing. VIZIO has better specs that my Westinghouse

A whopping 160 Hz. Woot!!!

I purchased a refurbished 50" Visio from TigerDirect back in 2007 for $999 and it has been great, sorry for those of you who had shipping problems, mine was delivered by a private shipping company all boxed up tighter than Fort Knox!

I know nothing about these HDTVs. I have resisted buying any of the flat screens until my old one finally quits. Well, I think my old TV has turned in it’s 2 week notice.

So, my question to the Woot community (specifically, this thread) Is this a good buy for the money? It would be my first flat screen and I have no idea what is good or bad.

Ideas anyone?

I have this TV. I’ve been very pleased with it.

I’ve owned this model for some time now, though I didn’t purchase it from Woot. It’s been a wonderful television - good picture quality and vivid colors. The sound quality surprised me as well - it can really fill a room. Granted, the room I have it in isn’t huge or anything.

As to the refurbs, a family member picked up a smaller one during that Vizio sale Woot had not too long ago and is pretty happy with it. The packaging could have used some work, though – I could see how they could get damaged in shipping.

I bought this exact model during the big Vizio refurb sale a couple of weeks ago. Mine didn’t show up until the 7th, which made me incredibly nervous. It is, however, in excellent condition. So far everything looks and works great. Though I will agree, the packaging was a little thin, so I probably got lucky.

Actually, that’s the new price…this is refurbished, so in that case Amazon is only $20 more…since their lowest marketplace refurb price is $375 with S&H…Apples to Apples…And you get much better protection with returns etc. with Amazon…so I would call it at best dead even on price imho…