VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub

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VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub
Price: $199.99
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has anyone tried using this 3.1? and maybe the sound bar on the ground?

Would this system be overkillfor a 12’x14’ room? Been thinking about this or the Onkyo LS3100. I’m mostly looking for sound quality in movies and games for my mini man cave.

For that kind of room this system would be great. I just got this from Woot Plus and it fills my open floor plan main floor with vibrant sound. For a man cave, you could rock out or listen to movies in surround sound with power to spare. The wireless sub that attaches to the rear speakers works like a charm. My unit from Woot Plus only came with very minor scratches to the bottom and sides of a few pieces of equipment (not noticeable past 4-5 feet) and the remote isn’t back lit (is it even supposed to be?), and the remote buttons are not my style and could have been done better… But looking past those very minor things, it was very worth the purchase. I love it. Hope this helps!

Bought this the last time it popped up on Woot.

I’m a satisfied customer!

I bought one of these at costco. When we moved, my large system wasn’t appropriate for our new living room. I “settled” for this since I was used to having my large Klipsch tower speakers and Onkyo receiver, but I have to say I was/am very impressed. For movies/tv this is a great system. Was also impressed with setup as the bluetooth pairing between the soundbar and the sub was effortless and everything worked perfectly out of the box.

Be ware though that to get the best sound don’t hook it up the way they say in the manual. You are better off connecting each device directly to the sound bar instead of just connecting the sound output of your tv to the soundbar. Most TVs down convert so you don’t get the full Dolby Digital/DTS signal. I don’t notice any lag introduced using this method.

I’m unsure of what you’re asking. Are you simply asking if you’re required to attach the surround speakers or are you asking if you can implement this into the front end of an amplified 3.1 set up? You don’t have to use the surround speakers if you don’t want to. Though I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to get the most out of the sound bar that you could. Regarding hooking it up to an amp, that’s not possible. At least I don’t know how you would do it as it has no binding posts. It has its own amplifier. Anyway, if that doesn’t answer your question, please let me know. I picked one of these up a few sales ago and extremely happy with the product.

I bought this last time and I’m very satisfied. The bar is miles ahead of the TV’s factory speakers and the surround/sub sound great and were very easy to set up. I’d recommend this for anyone looking for a clean, easy 5.1 solution.

Another very satisfied customer - I also purchased mine at Costco and love it. The sound is fills the room making family movies nights amazing.

My guess is that he doesn’t want to/can’t run speaker wire across the room. He wanted to make sure that the SB would work without the other two speakers plugged in.

does anyone know if there are optimal tweaks/settings to get this sounding perfect and not just the default/out-of-the-box.

also, can you split the optical cable? we watch most of our shows through the xbox so that’s there the optical cable is going. would like to hook the tv up that way as well.

bluetooth is great. i use it for music through the phone and movies via the computer. however, matching computer with the bar sometimes is a hassle. have to change imput back n for a few times or i’ve even had to unpair the 2 and start over.

The rear speakers plug into the subwoofer. You need to plug the subwoofer into the wall for power, but there are no wires connecting it to the soundbar.

I got this from woot about a month ago and am very happy with it. Well worth the price.

I’m at work so I can’t watch the videos but hopefully Wooters can answer some questions:

  1. Are the satellite speakers battery powered?

  2. I already have a very nice sub. Can I use it instead of the provided sub?

  3. This is $100 off the retail price. How satisfied is Woot with the reconditioning?

I have my setup as follows:

Sound bar sits on top of TV.

Sub sits on ground to the left of TV.

“rear” speakers sit to the left and right of TV (Right next to TV).

I can’t run wires around my rooms so that was my only option. You can turn off the “surround” effect so it sounds normal.

My only complaint is that the “default” setting has too much bass. I need to lower the volume of the sub after every time I turn it on when watching TV. I haven’t looked into seeing if I can save that setting to make it default because it’s not that huge of a deal.

When watching DVD/Blu-Ray through PS3 the bass is just fine.

10/10 would buy again.

  1. Are the satellite speakers battery powered? -

No. The Sub connects wireless back to the sound bar. The rear speakers plug into the sub.

  1. I already have a very nice sub. Can I use it instead of the provided sub? -

Doubtful as the sub is Wireless. Mine was auto connected to the bar. It may be possible to sync a different sub but I’m unsure.

  1. This is $100 off the retail price. How satisfied is Woot with the reconditioning?

Can’t answer this, purchased mine new from Costco for $20 less over Cyber Monday.

How would this look mounted directly underneath a 55" TV? The horizontal width of the TV is 48" and this thing is 42.3". If I centered it we’re talking about 3" on either side.

Do you think it will look strange? I’ve been wanting to get a sound bar, and this price is great, but I don’t want it to look stupid.

Next question: where would I put my Xbox Kinect and Wii sensor bar?