VIZIO 65" 4K Display w/Tablet

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VIZIO 65" 4K Display w/Tablet
Price: $799.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Jul 28 to Wednesday, Aug 02) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I bought the 60 inch version of this at Costco, and what a pleasure of watching everything. CNET loved this TV series in sept of 2016 it gave it a CNET Best Buy on value and performance. Comparing the picture quality to much more expensive TVs like Sony and Samsung. The only marginal review was concerning the tablet, it’s used to stream and “cast” to the TV your program. Find the program on the web or Netflix, Amazon etc on the tablet cast to the the TV. I am happy to report with some basic understanding of the tablet, it works great
I use cable and 30MBs of broadband thru Time warner.

Vizio has a very nice picture, but I hate the Chromecast. I find it a pain in the neck to use.

Also, a 90 day warranty is insufficient.

I bought one recently from Woot – I didn’t figure I’d use Chromecast since I have a Roku Ultra (displays 4K). However Chromecast really shines when you’re sitting there with your laptop or a smart phone and have a video with the “cast” button. Just hit that option on the video and look for your TV’s name, and that’s it–big screen. VERY easy and intuitive.
I haven’t really seen the HDR feature at its best yet, but the TV is definitely worth the price. I replaced another Vizio 4K that didn’t have HDR with this one and payed about $400 less.

Can anyone provide the distance between the “feet” on this display? I want to ensure that it will actually be able to sit on my TV stand until I have time to wall-mount it.

This isn’t a smart TV. It is a simple display by itself. The picture was nice, but using the tablet to operate was a pain.
Every time I turned it on it spent about twenty minutes updating apps. I just want to watch TV. Not wait until my show is over.
I returned mine quickly and bought a different brand. Many of the ones purchased where mine came from were also returned. The sales people also appeared to have stopped recommending them. If you can live without the tuner and using a tablet to operate your TV the picture is nice but it didn’t work for me.