Vornado 610B Whole Room Air Circulator

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Vornado 610B Whole Room Air Circulator
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New


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6/13/2014 - $49.99 - 21 comment(s)

This product blows.

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I just bought a different fan at HD yesterday. Bummer.

Check out what @improfound said about Vornado’s customer service back in the last sale.

Got this fan about a week ago from Woot. Tiny fin gives a nice breeze. Pretty quiet, I think. But I’ve only used it on the med speed. I have it in the dining room blowing into the living room crossing paths with the central air vent. It works great! Really gets the cool air circulating. You can do this with any fan I suppose, but this is a quality fan and its small so your not impeded in any way. Good fan, get one!

Woot Staff, any ETA on these to Seattle? As you may know, we have a brutal 10 day heat wave starting (OK, we are weather wimps when the 80’s is "brutal!) now. My guess is that they will be ground shipped - from where?

Does anyone know how this compares to the 630B? I got that back in '09 for an INCREDIBLE price ($30) and it worked great until it fell out of a window and shattered. I’m currently using a 530, which is a bit smaller and a bit under what I was used to. Basically I want to get a 630 without spending the requisite $65

I bought it the last time and think it’s great. it was smaller than I expected, but really circulates the air well, and I have 13 ft ceilings. I do not find it noisy.

You simply cannot go wrong with Vornado. I have 7 Vornado fans. Will never buy another brand again, but seriously, I doubt I’ll need to.

How “small” is this? I have a fair-sized Holmes Blizzard model shaped like this that I bought a few years ago that I have strapped to my bed posts (canopy bed) to blow air when the curtains are closed. Would something like this likely be too big as a replacement, then, since it’d be in a small space?

I’ve had a Vornado (not quite sure what model but it does look like this one but with a blue emblem) for about 10+ years now. I rarely if ever turn it off and it is still running strong. I have only used it on the low setting though if that matters.

definitely a better value than the “AIR Multipliers” er lousy venturi fans…

The build quality on these have gone down since they started being manufactured in China…but when compared to other fans still are tops in my book.

Says made in USA.

I bought this fan last time Woot sold it. I was so impressed with it that I bought a second one on another website. I’m buying another one. Thanks Woot!

Forget cooling a whole room, this thing cools all 6’8" of me! I was gifted an older model Vornado a few years ago at work. It is AMAZEBALLS! Small, quiet, and POWERFUL! I get really hot when I sleep and this keeps me super cool.

I passed on this last time and regretted it after trying to find one in stores for a comparable price. In for one for sure.