Wellington Mystery Case Re-Mix

Please please please get NJ on the shipping list for next time this comes up!!! (I don’t care how, and I promise I won’t tell anyone…)

My dad/stepmom loved their selection when Woot last offered this, and it seems like a ton of other users (aside from the ones who got the mispackaged no-Victory boxes) loved it too.

Got two of these last time, great mix of stuff. The Victory is worth $60+ on its own so the other 11 bottles become very good value.

Also a great way for Wellington to clear their random bits of inventory as they wind down.

Hmm… On the one hand, still trying to figure out where to put all the bottles from the two prior mixed-case offers… OTOH, Wellington!

Edit: First of all, I did end up buying this.

Second of all, this offer engendered lots of excitement the last time around. Here’s the discussion thread, for your reading pleasure.

Got one of the first offering last time. The cork on the 96 Cab disintegrated at opening, but I decanted and let rest and we decided it was good! In for one more.

Last Wooter to Woot:

SO SO SO want to go in x3 but I instituted a self imposed buying moratorium until we sell our house and get an accepted offer on a new one

Well…there goes the budget for this month. LOL. Would love to be in for 3, but one will have to suffice.

Hoping for a noir de noirs!

seriously?! I was not supposed to buy more wine until I cleared some room in my fridges which are full, but couldn’t pass up this amazing offer. Hoping I get a Cab Franc!

its back…

Ugg, I wasn’t supposed to buy anymore wine for a while… In for one.

If a Pedroncelli offering pops up, I’m going to have to raid the kids 529.

Is this woot available in Kansas, home of the strange liquor laws? (We do have a Wellington, KS but I don’t live there.).


I’d be all over this but it doesn’t look like Wellington can be shipped to CT anymore

Still no CT shipping :frowning:

I give in.
Now, where to hide them from SWMBO…

in for one, hopefully this is tasty

No, Kansas isn’t a state we can sell to at this time.

“Tasty” does not do it justice.

What about Oz? By balloon, perhaps?