Wellington Sonoma Valley Estate Syrah (4)

This is a great value for the price. If it’s a step above the England Crest, it will be amazing. In for one, maybe more later. Thanks for the offer, Peter!

Last wooter to woot:bolligra

I have no room for moar wine, I need to stop buying. But today’s not the day to start a WBM.

At least I’m in good company.

Yep, In for 3. :smiley:

I picked up half a case through the club a few weeks ago, or I’d be buying more. These are might fine


This is off-topic for the syrah, but what would you recommend pairing with the Noir de Noir? I have 2 bottles and have no idea what to eat with them. Or should I just drink them without food? Thanks!

That’s all I need to hear!!!


Love seeing multiple Wellington offers up at the same time. If memory serves me, I think there was some Wellington Estate Syrah offered here a few years ago, that I grabbed and absolutely devoured because it was fantastic. I would go back through my prior woots, but I’m incredibly lazy.

In any event, Wellington is an auto-buy, so I’m definitely in for 1.

My wife and mother-in-law “don’t like Syrah”. On several occasions I have opened Wellington Syrah and poured it into a decanter without them seeing the bottle. Without fail they always say something like, “this wine is really good, what is it?”.

My experience with these is that they need at least 5 years in the bottle. This is a great chance to buy some ready to drink wine that should hold up nicely for several more years.

Yes to five years, but more than five is not a sure thing.


Big bold food for a big bold wine. My father liked it with Mandarin beef. It does depend on which vintage. The 2013 Noir de Noirs is unique in that it can be enjoyed without food (it’s so big and fat). Otherwise, I’d go with barbecue. The Noir de Noirs is one of the few wines that will stand up to spicy BBQ.

BTW, for those of you who don’t normally look at woot+, we’ve got a couple of different offerings currently running in “Mixin’ it up”.

To all SoCal wine.wooters we have nice size group out tomorrow night. Come join us for a night of good people, music and of course wine. Don’t be a stranger.


SoCal #40 wine.wooters at the cal Phil on the green 8/8/15.


an rpm AUTOBUY!

A lovely Syrah from Peter. Don’t miss it!


In Belgium - headed to southern France - and buying CA Syrah.


I give up, in for 1. Peter hope to see some Karren Cab and Mohrhardt Ridge Cab when the summer is over.

You’re killing me. May have to go back to work or claim you as a deduction on taxes or something

Late in the day and I finally bit… can’t resist Peter and his fine wines. In for two! Please put the stats back on the community page. Way too many clicks to get to Last Wooter to Woot: