Wellington Sonoma Valley Estate Syrah (4)

Wellington Sonoma Valley Estate Syrah 4-Pack
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2009 Syrah, Sonoma Valley Estate

In for 1 for sure…

After leaving WA for MI to make wine, I’m back on the bus for buying Wellington. I was spoiled out there with lots of free Syrah so I never bought any others. I just had a Wellington Syrah the other night and forgot how good they are and need to re-stock! Now to pick up more Roussanne/Marsanne or Victory…

Hi, grower and winemaker Peter here. I may not stick around too long tonight, but I’ll check in from time to time tomorrow to answer any questions that may arise.

I just want to note that this is an unique wine that is the result of my long love affair with wines of the Northern Rhone and the inspiration I’ve derived from them. For those of you who don’t look at the geeky details on the specs tab, the soul of this wine comes from grapevines ranging from 85 to 117 in age, though they comprise only a third of the blend. After 15 years of farming this vineyard, and early 90’s experience with the clones that were available at that time, we planted one acre of a Syrah clone / rootstock combination that has already produced wines of great intensity. Addition of a small amount of Viognier berries to the fermentation, a la Cote Rotie, adds some great aromatic notes and some tannins that help the wine age well and stay fresh longer.

Ship to Connecticut?

Not this offer, no. If you scroll allllll the way down to the bottom of the offer page, we list eligible states.

Estate!? Have countless (mostly empty) bottles of Englandcrest around… Not sure I’ve ever had this. Autobuy, as always.

How does this compare?

Was hoping to get a “call the winery, we will take care of you” response :slight_smile:

Peter’s been great about extending that offer, if he has a license to ship direct. I’d say check back later, and if he doesn’t make it back to the board, contact the winery this afternoon.

I too would like to hear Peter’s comments comparing this wine to his Englandcrest Syrah. Regardless, I’ll be buying anyway.

Oh, and because it’s now buried on the sales stats page, I’ll post it here:

First Sucker: mill

And of course I just bought this exact quantity direct at his summer sale.

We do have licenses for some states that aren’t listed here, notably MA & VA. Toby won’t be in until Monday, so if you call or e-mail don’t expect a response until then. Unfortunately, we don’t have a DTC license in CT.

I had both the 06’ & 07’ and they were some of my favorites of peters wines. Never got to try the 08’ as it wasn’t offered here and am now excited by this offer of the 09’ since I felt like the estate Syrah hadn’t been offered in quite some time.

Thanks for making it available Peter!

Thanks for the description, how long have you been adding the vio?

The EnglandCrest vineyard is literally next door, so soil and climate are virtually identical. Winemaking technique is very similar as we’ll; the difference is in the grapes. EnglandCrest is predominately clones 1 & 7. the Estate Syrah is clone 174, ancient vines and a soupçon of Viognier. the Estate is more complex and concentrated in aroma and flavor. The tasting notes on the first page were written Tuesday.

If memory serves me (and that seems a bit less reliable these days), the 2003 Cuvée R was the first time we co-fermented Viognier grapes with Syrah.

Peter…is this a wine I can put in the cellar knowing in 5 years or more it will be drinking as good if not better than it is today?

So, to be clear, Toby cannot ship to CT but can ship to MA?

Can you forward the email?

I need to re-stock my cellar; after years of frequent Wellington purchases I can no longer buy in CT :frowning:


A ridiculous autobuy at this price - thanks Peter, thanks Woot! In for 12.

At 10 years the 03’ was amazing but had definitely peaked. I would guess drink these now to 2020.