Wellington Sonoma Valley Estate Syrah (4)

It’s a Wellington. Where is everyone? Makes me wonder if everyone knows something I don’t.

A lot of people don’t look at woot plus on a regular basis, especially if they aren’t interested in the daily offer.
With any luck, word will get around - this cooler than typical vintage resulted in longer hang time, riper tannins / more elegance and a significant black pepper character in the aroma and flavor.

I’ve got 4 from the random 2010/2011 offer. If I’d gotten the 10 last time I’d be in now!

Good stuff, but $5 more than last time when it was mix of 2010 or 11.

Previous Sale

Is this a sign of things to come?

How does this differ from the England crest Syrah? How many cases of each? Thanks

Production levels are similar, 300 cases, plus or minus, per vintage. EnglandCrest (now Loxton Cellars) is right next door, and production methods very similar, so the difference is due to the grapes. EnglandCrest is primarily clones 1 & 7, whereas the Estate is clone 474, ancient vine Syrah and some Viognier. I find the Estate more complex and interesting - not as big and chunky as the EnglandCrest.

Peter, what’s the drinking window on this '11?

I just happened to have 4 bottles in the basement. I was going to send a bottle of 05 Victory and the 10 Syrah to someone in MI, but found out OH doesn’t allow taxpayers to send wine out of state! Suckie legislatures!! So low and behold this offer shows up and I had 4 bottles of 11 in the basement.

So I popped one last night. This is a fantastic Syrah! Peter’s description was spot on as always…cocoa, dark fruit, smooooth, and extremely elegant!! Great mouth feel! I have the 06, 07, 10 and 11 Estate and 06 thru 11 England Crest. I just checked my inventory of Wellington wine and found that I have 156 btls on hand, more than twice of the next winery. Why? I’m not a sales plant, never met Peter, but I love great wines at a fantastic price. His wines have always been an autobuy for me, as many others!! Now that I’m retired, my source of income is restricted, but at least I got the opportunity to order this for two special people in MI.

If this offer is still around later in the week, I may just order more!! Thanks Peter for the timely offer!

Hey Peter, any 2010 still hanging out at the winery?

Alas! No Wyoming…again! And yet I have 60 some bottles of Wellie stashed away from past offers that did ship to the High Lonesome Plains. Been happening a lot lately…No wonder they call this the High LONESOME Plains…sniff

IMHO this wine will be at its best now through 2018 but should hold for a few years after that.

I don’t think so, but it’s possible that there is a bottle or two.

Ship it through a ups store. Franchised employees don’t care and won’t ask what’s in the box. If they do, it’s always olive oil!

Thanks for the input, but I tried that earlier. Seem to have honest employees in OH. Instead of me shipping 3 btls to MI, they get 4 great bottles of this Wellington Syrah. Drinking the end of the bottle tonight and it’s even better than yesterday. Also the Tribe is kickin’ Cubs butt tonight!! Go Tribe!!!

Signed Victory and Magnums and everything! And no reply? Really? I am crushed!

Your best bet is to call the winery to find out if they can ship this offer to you directly.

According to the Wellington website, Wyoming is not a ship to state.

Last wooter to woot: andyduncan

Think I’m getting the hang of this.

Purchased the most I could with the random 10/11 offer. Great wines. Purchased qty 3 of these. Thanks Peter, can never get too many of your wines.

I think I’d like to split this 4 pack with one of the usual suspects.