Wellington Syrah 2 x 2 Pack

Previous wooting, of which the bottles are sitting in my living room.

I purchased this a month or so back. So far I’ve only had the England Crest but it was very good.

Got these last time. I wasn’t dissapointed, they are pretty good. That being said, I won’t be going in again this round.

Tried both really good! in for one more set.


These are good, but definitely need food to be fully enjoyed. On a stand alone basis, I’d choose something else to sip on.

Wine cellar,stainless, on woot now. 12 bottle.
$75 delivered.

Me too, and I make the $*#@. :slight_smile:

This is why I LOVE this site! :slight_smile:

Wellington Syrah 2 x 2 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2006 Syrah England Crest Vineyard
2 2006 Syrah Estate Vineyard
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Winery website

LOL! Speaking of something to drink by itself, any hints or idea if Le Pique-Nique Dry Rosé will be in the wine.woot-off?

Good wine for the drive home. This one looks like it will take a while…

I want this too! I have a bday coupon just waiting …

I am so so happy to see Wellington now shipping to AZ.

to be impulsive or not to be impulsive?

i wish i could jump on all these wine deals, but i don’t have the money. :frowning:

We bought this in the last offering. We have
opened one bottle. It was good, but could have opened up a bit more if decanted first.

Does anyone have a program that will let me “autobuy” the max of anything from Wellington, Corizon, or Opus One?

I would be in on these if it weren’t for my damn SIWBM that I can’t break. :frowning: I wanted them last time too.

Yummy! In for 1

NNnooooo! My SIWBM!! It crumbles!

You haven’t been made aware of the legal loopholes in any *IWBM? Wellington, Rasmussen, Woot Cellars, and Ty Caton are exempt!

Buy away!