Wellington Library Syrah Mini Vert (2)

Wellington Library Syrah Mini Vertical - 2 pack

$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 2001 Sonoma Valley Reserve Syrah
1 2002 Sonoma Valley Syrah
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Previous offer:

Bought first, then came to comment. Wellington’s '02 Syrah is pretty much the best wine ever. If you’ve not had it, buy at least one.

It’s the kind of wine that you open, sip, and tell friends drop what they’re doing to come try it.

This woot-off hasn’t tempted me much, but this one definitely has my attention. Have to think about this… I’m already way overstocked…

I’m trying very hard to ignore this since I am buying a car today. Hopefully Peter is busy prepping for wooters to visit this morning and won’t drop in to comment and entice me further.

Passed this up the previous offer because a week later I was chatting with Peter at the winery, tasting, and purchasing. That will not be the case a week from now (or month, or year), so I’m most definitely in for this.

I think the 2003 Syrah was my first wine.woot purchase. I have one bottle left in the wine cooler…it definitely kept getting better with age.

how much longer do these have in them?

Wellington, though!

It’s not like it’s a case.
Am I helping?

Thanks, bought one…

Good luck with that. Any questions?

Anyone try these from the last offering? How is the '02 holding up?

Love me some Wellington and also love me some Syrah.

I went in for 2 - as I know I’m going to wish I had that extra bottle once I crack the first :slight_smile:

Would like to know where these are drinking window wise.

Edit: and then decided to check the prior woot link - questions answered.

What’s up with no shipping to Tennessee?? Has Peter let their license for TN go, or is this a mistake? Wellingtons are on my short list of Woot favorites and I’ve been buying them for years! (Please tell me that Wellington still ships to us!)

They’ll probably hold up another 3-5 years at least. I don’t believe they’ll get better than they are now - both have developed extremely well and are showing the benefits of bottle age without any signs of being tired or over the hill yet.

I caved. First time this woot-off, although it hasn’t been that difficult to control myself so far, since I can’t stand kitschy gadgets. Like oversized fish hooks.

Same goes for no ND shipping. I just purchased their Zinfandel offering a few weeks back without difficulty. I wonder what has changed.

Extremely well. I posted fresh tasting notes the last time this was offered.

That settles it, I’m in.

We’ve done the bottle aging for you. These are both in their prime. They likely will hold for a few more years, but I’d say that they’re most enjoyable now.