WEN Rotary Tool or Electric Engraver Kit

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WEN Rotary Tool or Electric Engraver Kit
Price: $9.99 - 14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Jun 02 to Thursday, Jun 05) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page for the 2305 and the 21C


A couple of pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on the 2305 over at homedepot.com

Picked up one of each… the polishing of the trumpet valve sold me.

Looks like a good deal on the tool, but yikes…they shouldn’t be showing that picture–it may cause people to mess up their valves. (Good for me, I suppose, since I fix 'em for a living…) A good part of the time, the problem is actually with the valve casing rather than the piston.

I could do my own mani pedi with that rotary tool.

I bought this the last time it was on Woot. The motor burnt out when I was using a cutting tool to score 1/8" particle board. Score, not cut. 1/8" thick particle board. The motor in this thing is a joke. When it comes to tools, generally you get what you pay for. Another thing to consider is that Dremel attachments don’t fit, and that’s pretty much all there is out there in terms of rotary tool attachments.

I have had better experiences with mine, used it to cut some thin sheet metal and used the extender to cut some trim away (had to track down a saw and compatible attachment). Only notes are that it takes a bit of tweaking to get the attachment working well, but it’s not hard, just don’t expect it to be immediate. Second, and more importantly, the head on the attachment doesn’t lock onto the cutters as well as the main tool, so you really need to watch what you’re doing, as the cutters can slowly slide and even come completely out. At speed. Which you don’t want.

Otherwise it’s been a pretty solid tool thus far, well worth the price.

Actually, Craftsman has a Dremel like tool, with an option of a flexible shaft, which surely gives a lot more control. Not sure how the attachments fit this, I have that, as well as a Dremel Trio…Not really SURE THIS IS WORTH THE COST, EVEN THOUGHT IT IS Cheap, almost bought it just for the engraving, but I think my trigger will not be pulled on this…

I bought this Rotary tool some time ago, about 2 years. Why did I buy it…I don’t know. It was cheap (under $20.) it was complete, but more importantly, I’m a tool freak. When I got it home I opened the box in an attempt to figure out what to do with it and what to use it for. I came up with nothing so I put everything back in the box and put the box in the back of one of my tool cabinet drawers. I guess it’s still there today.

On a lark I pulled out my Craftsman single speed rotary tool that I received as a gift about 10 years ago and compared it to the WEN currently offered. With the exception of the color (WEN-blue vs. Craftsman-black) it appears that the two are identical, right down to the wire hanger on the end of the tool. WEN is apparently getting these tools from the same Chinese tool manufacturer that Craftsman did a decade ago, or at least using the exact same molds for the body.

Since my tool is a single speed and not variable like the WEN, I had to purchase a plug-in speed controller for a router from Harbor Freight so I could slow down the RPMs when I go to cut plastic or other soft material. Too high of a speed and your work will melt; too slow and your tool won’t work properly.

I’m going to check the price of the flexible extension for my Craftsman, and frankly if it’s more than $20 I’m considering picking up this one here just for that.

Worth it if all you want to do is trim your dog’s nails??

The Chinese have become masters at reverse engineering and cloning thanks to lax regulation and, in some cases, government encouragement. I wouldn’t be surprised if WEN cloned Craftsman’s design, substituting inferior internals.

I’m a tool nut, too, but cheap tools just peeve me off.

The Chinese have become masters of reverse engineering only because they could. If an American company was ever found guilty of gross patent infringement, the government imposed penalties (US government) would be so heavy they would be driven out of business. The Chinese government does no such thing, which allows Chinese businessmen to do as they please.

looks identical to an older dremel I have. Price is nice too.

what up penguin

I’m mo expert, but I’ve some experience, so here’s my 2bits:

I’ve been using the rotary tool, with it’s flexshaft exclusively, ever since the last time it was offered. I make jewelry and primarily work with copper. I cut 24ga (aka, roofing) copper sheet with it, grind or sand the edges or create designs, plus I grind, sand and buff stones. Plus engraving. Not to mention, it’s perfect for cleaning and polishing wire wrapped work or other metalsmithing projects.

But it’s not constant work, nor do I use it every day. It probably sees about 5 hours of use per week. So it’s light work in general, but it functions well enough for me.

I am a stickler for following instructions, and the note they have about letting the motor get to full speed by waiting for a certain amount of time (30-60sec) is a pain, but makes a big diff in quality.

Yep you could take your nails right off with this thing and not need another mani/pedi again!

Doesn’t sound like you need another rotary tool. ;^)

O.T. And it is difficult to sue Chinese counterfeiters much less risk being imprisoned trying to serve papers on them. Just this past week there was a Ray-Ban Sunglasses site up and selling items for $34 describing itself as the Official Ray-Ban Distribution Center using the copyright and trademark logos associated with both Ray-Ban and Oakley. The only thing the real companies could do was get court orders shutting down the site after the vendors had made thousands of sales.

Nevertheless, I was already in the market for a cheap rotary tool and this one is competitive with the cheap variable speed one at Harbor Freight.