Westinghouse 26” 720p LCD HDTV


WOW. Another TV…

Going, going…

Wait…that’s a TV? I didn’t know…


Do you think the Blue Oyster Cult will make a comeback yet tonight? I am 2 in a row - would be cool to make it 2 in a wootoff!


WOW!!! Another TV!!!

see what a difference?

$213 over at FadFusion


So which is it 720p or “HDTV: 480p, 720p, 1080i” ?

I’m only buying THIS TV:


Do I get the five nine Ford?

Westinghouse isn’t actually a brand. Random companies in China just pay for its use.


I have had mine for the last two years has worked great and is perfect for my dorm room. Hopefully it will last a few more years with no problems.

these are great for when you really need to go but can’t find a bathroom. My girlfriend always carries one in her purse just in case…

Westinghouse makes a pretty decent TV, I own 2, a 27" 720p and a 32" 720p, I love them except the remote sucks a big one. Not a bad little TV if I say so myself.

I’ve never even heard of Westinghouse before.

It will handle all of those.

3/5 stars at Amazon