Whoa! Just got back, I see changes......

I was off the grid for 2 weeks and I see things have changed. I gotta say I kinda like it. I know it must be hard for some to get used to it, but I feel that we will all come together and embrace the new.

Now, to figure out my signature…


Good luck with that! No sigs, but we do get an info card that you can put a background on when people click your name! Plus there are some exciting options on your personal page for filtering, themes, etc.


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, about those sigs. Sorry.


Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. :smile:

If you have to have your sig icons, just grab them from your old woot forum settings, then make a new picture with the icons at the top. Use that for your info card in the new forum settings so everybody who clicks on your name can go ooo and awe over them!


I really dislike the new system and I know I’ll be buying less because I can’t read about it.

@gep1334 Hi there. We’re working out a couple kinks.

  1. All the old forums will be moved over to this system. There’s a LOT and it takes a while to get them converted.

  2. Sometimes the discussion button takes you to the main page instead of the product discussion.

What else is bothering you about the new forums?

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