Whole Bunch of Random Stuff!

15 sets of 10? That’s a lot of stickers.

I wish I liked this set as much as I liked the first set.

Don’t forget, if you get something you don’t like in your random, you can trade it over at the WootStalker Tee Trade Center

Will probably be a mix of both.

I hate you!!! You just made me order some.

I have never before seen shirt.woot socks or posters… what have I missed?

What glory will these socks contain? FOOT GLORY!

I’ve seen plenty of posters. I don’t recall seeing socks either though. I wouldn’t order one size socks for myself though. I like properly fitting socks.

I will now. I’ll post pictures once they get here. My fiance was really excited when she saw the random socks.

Yes. Please do share. Thanks.

I found a previous random sale that included socks, but disappointed that no one shared any pics of their socks. http://shirt.woot.com/plus/end-of-year-random-clearance

Got the last set of stickers! pheww, that was close!

Wow. Those stickers went fast. I’m glad I didn’t delay in ordering them.

I’m going to assume that the iPhone 5 cases are also compatible with the iPhone 5S?

Random BLANKS of everything?? Cue the conspiracy theories!

Also, bummed that the LS are sold out in our size so early in the morning :frowning:

for the 2 shirts deal of random shirts, will they be two different shirts or will I get stuck with 2 of the same?

and what are the blank shirts? are they literally just a plain t shirt with nothing printed?

What is a jersey hoodie? Google doesn’t explain much.

Jersey is the fashion name for the type of material T-shirts are made of. A Jersey hoodie is probably a hoodie made of this type of material, as opposed to a sweatshirt type of material.

Why you’d want one is a different question, best left as an exercise to the reader.

Yes, blanks are just the regular tees without a screen print. Plain and simple.

Nice Plinko clip with a previously-plump Drew!

I am very tempted by so much randomness. I’m thinking socks and freaker…

Yes and yes. That is all.

I actually clicked on the comments expecting a link to a discussion thread about another new supplier that I missed out on.