Why isn't there a way to download a receipt?

There needs to be a way to download an actual receipt. Saying that a web page is the same doesn’t make it so. Web pages do not print as nicely to paper or pdf and I have had troubles with people accepting them, including my accounting department after I ordered things for my home office. Fix it! Every other online retailer can do it, I’m sure you can find a way.

Even if you print a PDF of your order details? That should have all the information your accounting department needs. It’s itemized with price per item and then shipping and taxes. It sounds like your accounting department is being lazy.

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Hi there. As mentioned by @mtn3pitt, you can print your order details. We don’t have an official print receipt function. Sorry.

I use “print to pdf” to submit my business expenses. The accountant & the board I work for have no problem with them.

I don’t mean to pile on, but it does sound like your accountant isn’t very experienced in the varied ways things get paid for.

While it might seem like their accounting team is lazy, what does it say about Woot that a customer/member has brought this concern to their attention and they have yet to add a print receipt function?

When it comes to expensing things, we don’t control what our company accepts as sufficient documentation and companies more likely than not have policies justifying their position. That being said if we need a print receipt function, we need a print receipt function. That’s it. No need for back and forth, can you just create one and deliver a better service to your paying customers?

If it was only just that simple, but it mostly isn’t.

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Why don’t you demand a search function while you’re at it?

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Hi there. we actually get very few requests for this and the development time is greater than you would think. You view your order details and print that web page.