Wild4 Dark Maple Syrup, Your Choice

Wild4 Dark Maple Syrup, Your Choice

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Has anyone tried the dark? Is it worth the price?

I can usually get good amber syrup for half the price ($11 - 11 / 34 oz) at Costco, but I’m intrigued by the claims of more robust flavor.

Any connoisseurs out there?

Oh, and if any vendor reps are reading, you should offer a sampler of the dark, Cinnamon and coffee.

Honestly, I wouldn’t bite on this.

First, it doesn’t say Grade B (or Grade A, for that matter), which tells me they don’t want us to know that it’s the standard Grade A. You can get that in a grocery store.

Also, the “ingredients” aren’t actually presented. Do they use actual cinnamon, vanilla, and coffee in their infusions? Or is an “extract” or “natural flavor”?

This looks way too shady for what they claim to be selling. I’ll admit, I’m tempted just because we go through syrup quite a bit here and $10/32oz isn’t too bad, but if someone is deliberately obfuscating information, it makes me not want to hand over my money to them.

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Google this. The coffee infused sells on other sites for $7.95. Woot wants $30 for a 3 pack? (same Size 8 oz.) check the prices of the other kinds. BAD DEAL!

While I generally agree with the sentiment of your post, the maple syrup world has weird “laws”. It is actually illegal to sell grade “B” syrup in many places. The grade refers to how refined the syrup is, determined by the distilling process. Grade A syrup actually has a lower mineral content due to this process.

So while the grade appears to be missing from the label, it could just be that they didn’t make the grade (ahem) for A, but there’s nothing technically wrong with consuming grade B (which, honestly, I prefer and go straight to specific maple farmers willing to sell me their private stash). Since the laws regarding the sale of Grade B differ from state to state, maybe they just left it off and allowed the consumer to make up their own mind about “what’s good for them”.

In short, grade B has a much better flavor (imho) and more minerals, making it better for you. If this is actually grade B, this is an amazing price.


For consumers there is no longer grade b, just grade a.


Where are you getting $10 for 32 oz?

Math isn’t my strong suit…

I think you forgot to factor in shipping. The sites where I found the 8oz bottle for $8 also charged $5 for s/h.

The site you referred to I think was $7 for shipping.

So Woot would be slightly cheaper.

The unflavored says Grade A right on the label (but that might be an old picture, since Syrup isn’t using letter grades anymore - as @ramsespride said, it’s all A now):



Actual math breakdown:
$34.99 for 64 ounces = $0.55/ounce (unflavored)
$29.99 for 24 ounces = $1.25/ounce (cinnamon or coffee)

Their website does have a phone number and email addy, if you want more info:
802-849-7943 sales@wild4.com


It’s like drinking the blood of trees you vampires


You’re right, I’m sorry. I mis-read it as you get all 3 for $25-$32. If it’s just ONE bottle for $25-$32? Oh heck no. Not a snowball’s chance in uh…Arizona.

Actually, it does say Grade A. Look at the picture.

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