Wine & Beverage Cellars

I purchased a Haier wine fridge in 2012…Only for it to fail 3 months later. Even though I had a 1 year warrenty on the item…but they for the most part refused to fix the problem. Only after 2 months of calling did they give in…and I got my replacement fridge 5 months after that (I basically had to harass them each day to get them to do anything)

When it comes to the item itself, It worked okay before it broke. The settings were no where near as useful as advertised.

Buyer beware, these are cheap wine fridges. DO NOT BUY.

Are these all really Thermoelectric?? (i.e. - merely circulated air with no other means of COOLING the air)

No thanks - with the animals in my house, that would involve cleaning the intake area every week or two. Not worth it, IMO.