Wise Company 01-193 Ultimate Preparedness Pack-124 Servings

2.5 stars because this is crap. almost no protein in any of these meals. just carb and salt heavy pouches. still not a deal even at this price.

From the description: “At two servings per day, this kit will last one adult 32 days with 60 additional drink and dessert servings.”

Two servings a day? From the specs:

Includes 1 bucket
Total calories: 20,180
Average calories per serving: 163”

So 2 servings a day is about 326 calories!
To be fair the specs also state the total calories is 20,180 so that comes up to 630 per day if one person expects this to last 32 days. Even a weight loss diet usually has at least 1000-1200. calories per day so this is really a bare bones survival menu even if you are sitting around in your shelter and not burning calories.

When you buy survival supplies consider the total calories and either supplement from another source or buy by calories not the days figure given.

But… it’s not that bad as “side” dishes. I doubt you will sit in your basement corner chomping on beef cubes or chicken chunks without some crunchy rice or beans… So, you can pay more and get some moutain house combo meals, or keep an eye out for when these go on sale. I just picked up 2 buckets for 99 each (sale ended midnight last night but they go on sale all the time) and it’s not that crappy TVP stuff (well, the meatballs has some soy stuff in them but that’s to keep them together). Anyway, I have a variety of freezedried foods from backpackers pantry, patriots pantry, mountain house, wise, emergency-essentials and a couple more. Tested them all. So, IMO, this really isn’t that bad a price for for a bucket of sides and breakfast. If you are a non-meat eater, you are set. :wink:

Will this work for the muchies?

(Asking for 3.5 million friends)

Deceptive term “serving” if you really check the serving mentioned is about 1/2 a cup. Maybe a serving for my Shitzu but that’s about it.