Woot Fantasy Football league- Are you ready for some Wootball!?!


Ok all you fellow wooters. That time of the year is here again. No, not Child Liberation Day, aka the 1st Day of School, but FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is time for all thos of us who have bought the fine In-Focus products offered to us by Woot to good use. With that in mind, I offer the following: I have set up a private league on NFL.com. Anyone who is interested in participating, just go to NFL.com, and sign up for their Fantasy Football. I’m not doing this for any money, nor any prizes (a woot-off during the season may change that). This is strictly for fun, and for bragging rights. Now the details:
Draft: The draft will be Saturday, 9/4/2005 at 9:15 pm EDT. Those wooters who may have a nightlife will still be able to participate, and it gives everyone else something to do before the next product is posted for that Sunday.
League: There is a maximum of 12 teams allowed for this league. All 12 must be registered 24 hours before the draft. I probably should have gauged interest before i set up the league, but it was an impulse, and we wooters are nothing if not impulsive. Scoring and team make-up will follow the default format here and here. Draft rules are found here.

Now for the most important part- If you wish to join, when you go to the website and sign up, got to the private leagues, and look for “Woot”. Simple enough, huh? The password to enter is " Istayedupfor", exactly as it is written(edited 8/30/05, see edit notes).
Well that’s it. All those interested pleasesign up. I figure we’ll keep the smack talk to this forum. As you sign up, let us know here so we know where it stands.
Other than that - [size=20]ARE YOU READY FOR SOME WOOTBALL!!![/size]

[size=25]HUGE EDIT. ORIGINAL PASSWORD IS WRONG!!![/size] Credit Jason Toon for pointing this out. NFL.com shortened the password I chose, and I didn’t know. The correct password should be “Istayedupfor”. They dropped the “this!” I am so sorry to any of you who did try to sign up and were unable to. If you are still interested, please try it again, and let me know the results.


Well, on the plus side this will get my post #s up. 36 people have viewed this, no comments? Lets open this up talk some football as well. Rev, Acemom, I saw you’re both fans.


Ok. 52 views and still noone has signed on. Was this just a bad idea? People let me know. If it is, I’ll let this thing die. If not, let me know as well.


ok, I guess I’ll through a topic out there, see if anyone wants to chime in. I think that even with all of their question marks on defense, the Patriots are STILL the team to beat. I’m just curious, why is it that this team gets absolutely no respect for their accomplishments. I am admittedly biased here, but I would put this up up against any Dynasty Dallas or San Fran team, and I think that they would come out ahead! What is the beef people have against the Pats, and who do you think is better than them and why?


I really don’t have anything constructive to add, but you looked so lonely in here, I thought you needed a Hello!


[quote user=“welcome”]Hi!..
I really don’t have anything constructive to add, but you looked so lonely in here, I thought you needed a Hello!
LOL. Well, thank you. At least you bothered to post. Ireally thought this would be something. Oh well, still time till draft, if there is one.


posting myself back to the top


[quote user=“CRQRI”]posting myself back to the top

Sorry, but I guess nobody’s interested in your league.


[quote user=“Binaural”]

Sorry, but I guess nobody’s interested in your league.[/quote]If you were doing College football, I’d be all over it.


[quote user=“Binaural”]

Sorry, but I guess nobody’s interested in your league.[/quote]
On the plus, my post # are going up.


I saw where Yahoo was doing a college football pick-em. Its a thought. Football is football to me. Im just glad the season is FINALLY here. Who do you pull for?


I used to get into these, but it just became to time consuming. I’d always get beat out by people that would spend hours and hours a day reading all of the sports news and web sites and researching stats.


the whole point of it was to just have some fun. Give some fellow woot gridiron-holics a place to interact. I know what you mean about some of these fantasy nuts, though. Its as if they have no other life other than fantasy sports. I could understand if there was some serious $$$ or prize involved, but its just ridiculous when its just for fun. Then again, competition is competition. Oh well, still a couple of days before the draft. I can still hold out hope. I would’ve just loved to have seen the trash-talking here between the wooters.


I just tried to sign up and it’s telling me that Istayedupforthis! is not the correct password…maybe that’s why nobody else has joined…


THANK YOU JASON - THE PASSWORD WAS CUT OFF!!! Geezu…H…!!! I had to send myself an email to verify the password and you’re right. The password was cutoff so its only “Istayedupfor”. Those @(**&^%# didn’t even say anything when I set up the dang league. If you’re still interested in joining, and know of anyone else who was, try it with just that and see if it lets you register. This would answer sooooo many questions, if this is the case!


Cool, I’m in now…I hope we can get some more people up in this mug, or I’ll be playing against strangers once again this year…


Just trying to keep the foruma above the “fold.” and upping my post counts at the same time. I still think I was gypped on the 2.0 conversion on my post count.


“I’ll be posting my way back to you, babe”.
So does anyone out there have just the sickest fantasy team that they’d like to brag about? Or how about some player analysis? People, it’s football season!!! Lets get some chater going!!!


Free Beer to the winner.


OK… I’m new to Woot. But I’m ready for the football.

Will we have enough teams?