Woot Fantasy Bundesliga League?

Any Bundesliga Fans? I’m a huge Bayern fan and just got into Fantasy Bundesliga. It’s the kind of thing where a “league” can have an unlimited number of teams. Anyone interested in joining a league if I set one up? The forums would be a fantastic place for smack talk. Reply to this thread if you are interested. If we can get 10 or more, I’ll set up a Woot league on the Bundesliga site (app version available)

:w_light:Bumping this to the top because I’m sure everyone just missed it. I refuse to believe that :

I guess this just got buried in the Woot Off. Don’t worry, I’ll bump it up. Be careful though, I would think with all of the Wooters wanting to join a fantasy Bundesliga league we may, in addition to the heavy Woot Off load, crash the servers. Sorry @wajeremy, et al.

Maybe an explanation would help? Please?

I had to Google it. I’m still confused.

Hey hey! It’s no longer a monologue! The Bundesliga is the German soccer league. I’m trying to set up a fantasy version of it. (Think fantasy football, but with far less interest. Maybe the B0C of fantasy leagues?)

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There. Colored your post so it would stand out. :w_happy2:

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Many thanks. I’m sure that was why the hordes of Bundesliga fans in the forums couldn’t find it! Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the “I want in your league!”’s to roll in!

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Could I have somebody manage my team for me?

With the exception of Major League Eating, physical sports all seem the same to me.

I’d be supprisrd if you don’t find a dozen or so people wanting to do it for you.
FC Antarctica

Oh, people offered, but I might have to do something special for the person who I want to manage my team.

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Poop squshie? (Assuming they pay the shipping?)

Is this allowed!? I assumed you had to ask Alexa or search on Silk.


And anyways, I’d give poop squishies to this person for free.

I have been playing in a fantasy movie league for a few years- I put in my movies every week. I’m usually in last place. If it’s not too hard i’m in. I’ll also run a team for poop squishies if anyone offers.

Fantasy movie league?!?

You fill a movie theater and get scores based on how much money they made. I only put in movies I would go see and I have terrible taste.


Where’s this, why wasn’t I told sooner, and am I allowed to participate even with the knowledge which I have?

I might get rid of 2 of mine. My lunchbox is full…