Woot podcast


Has anyone had any luck getting a hold of the woot podcasts? I’ve followed the directions for itunes (as well as checked out the rss feed itself), but it doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone else out there sucessful with this? Just curious. Thanks.


just so you know if you didn’t get this to work, I remember reading that it is only 5 days a week. so there wasn’t one the past couple of days, that might have been the problem…though I well never own a dopi so I don’t know for sure…


Good call… I looked at the info on it again…5 days a week, which makes sense.


Well, it seems tonights podcast (also available on the main page) is the first (hopefully of many)

Keep up the Web Wadiopodcastico’s MAtthew!


Very funny. I hit stop, mute, volume down, and closed it. The music is still playing. HELP! Make it stop! [:D]


Link to subscribe to woot.com podcast via iTunes.
Must have iTunes for link to work…


this is perhaps the most annoying thing I’ve ever listened to. I want my minute and forty-five seconds back.


I don’t like them either. If they would provide continuos clues on future sales - I’d change my mind - but this first week of them is just annoying to live thu - The first day was way cool and Honestly - I was really happy getting some extra sleep sunday night. but since then? it’s a small murderous rage that I’m feeling peaked with extreme homicidal thoughts…