Woot Will* Get You Ripped In 5 Days!

Can’t speak much for the gym equipment but I’ve tried most of the supplements:

HyperFX: Awesome product! Better than N.O. Xplode

Syntha 6: Very lean protein. It’s one of the only ones that doesn’t leave you bloated. Tastes chalky though.

N.O. Xplode: Good product, but it will make you tingly and jittery (sometimes nauseous).

CellMass: Good but not great. Dark Matter works a lot better for recovery and tastes better.

Condense: I haven’t tried it but I like that there is no creatine and dye. DMAA is pretty helpful though. At this price I’ll probably give it a try.

5 Hour Energy: It’s good if you are in a pinch, but it works better as a stimulant at work or while you are driving.

Bought a Smooth Fitness treadmill back in 2010 or 2011, that was during the no sales tax era. $805 delivered and had been very happy with it ever since. Actually I don’t run on it, I got it for my wife and she’s happy with it. Just glad she actually uses it, unlike most of the things I buy.

Bodybuilding.com has the same supplements…difference in pricing is negligible…plus you get your own choice of flavors rather than what Woot is offering…PLUS free gifts. Pass on supplements this round

UFC gloves are cheaper on Amazon, with prime.

bodybuilding.com doesn’t have this flavor though. So if you like this flavor, but it here

So it (Cellmass) says that it is “packaged exclusively for the military”, yet it’s being sold to the general public?

Any idea on how well the Pilate machine works?

almostheaven- After months of researching Recumbent exercise bikes this is the lowest in price for the quality of what it has to offer and sturdy enough for up to 300 LBS.USER WEIGHT.After having both knees being total replacements the doctor said water and recumbent bike exercise will keep me moving.Water exercise does help but does not strengthen the muscles.But this will.AND AT A LOWER PRICE TO. Thanks WOOT my wallet thanks you too.

Guess it shows how badly I need an exercise machine when my CC automatically flagged the purchase as fraud. They know I’ve never even dreamed of buying anything like that before.

Been waiting just over a month for one to pop up on woot, thanks guys


Don’t forget testicular atrophy is not a side effect from this Woot special!

Ever seen Princess Bride? I think it sucks life out of you while making you thinner.

does any one else thing of the QWOP sprinter when watching the video of the smooth fitness treadmill? Poor girl doesn’t look like she’s ever moved faster than a gentle walk.

The price on these supplements is cheaper by a couple of dollars than other sites such as Supplementwarehouse, prosource.net and FitRx. Not a great deal Woot! Unless you are buying more than one product and can unlock free S&H for other purchases, I say buy the supplements somewhere where at least you can choose the flavor.

As far as the products themselves, I can only attest to Syntha6 and N.O. Xplode. Both great products.

N.O. Xplode makes my face feel a bit tingly and does give me a good boost during my workouts. And no, I never exceed the recommended serving. As a matter of fact I start with just one scoop and after about a week I take two and only when I’m feeling lethargic or with no energy to get me through a session.

Syntha6 is by far the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had. The mocha flavor is awesome. One reviewer said that it felt a bit chauky. I don’t think that at all. I guess it all depends on how you mix it and with what. I mix mine with almond milk.

I’ve been told that Muscle Milk tastes better than Syntha6 though.

If you are looking for just whey protein with none of the other stuff such that syntha 6 has, I’d say stick to EAS or Muscletech or GNC. They all can be bought in 5 lb. bags at your local Sams.

almostheaven- Thanks to WOOT my 111 LBS.Package will be delivered tomorrow by UPS HOME DELIVERY.And I owe it all to trusting WOOT to make it happen.Because did not receive a reply from the WOOT MASTERS but did hang in their trusting WOOT TO MAKE IT A SAFE TRANSACTION AND THEY DID.

Jeesuz, Woot, if your Amazon over.lord.s are going to make you throw AI-driven product hyping bots at us, at least make them less obvious than almostheaven.

Back up and read my other posts and think about it.Just so happens I live in West Virginia.And to me it is almost heaven.Not Amazon over.lord.s I AM NOT.

The LIVESTRONG LS13.0E Elliptical product image and specs are of the LS13.0E-2 model.

Is this the LS13.0E or LS13.0E-2?

I sent an email this morning asking that same question. “Ray” just got back to me saying it is the LS13.0E model but said nothing else about why the pictures being shown are wrong, saying thanks, saying they will fix it etc.

I have to wonder if they even checked or if they just told me what the description shows…